Penis story, because science is awesome

Penis transplants might sound funny, but they’re no joke


Normally we’d have a quip here, but this is serious. Surgeons in Boston have performed the country’s first penile transplant. The procedure could help severely wounded soldiers with injuries that can leave them despondent and even suicidal. Thomas Manning, 64, whose penis was removed due to cancer, is recovering well and showing no signs of rejecting the transplant. He’ll regain full urinary and sexual function.

Massachusetts General Hospital has performed the first successful penis transplant in America. The entire surgery took fifteen hours to complete. USA TODAY

The Supreme Court did something weird and punted on a big Obamacare case

First, the back story. Non-profit religious groups don’t like the role they’re forced to play under Obamacare in providing contraceptive coverage to female employees. The groups took their battle all the way to the Supreme Court, and the so-called contraceptive mandate is one of the high court’s biggest issues this term. The justices, still down one after the death of Antonin Scalia, took the unusual step Monday of booting the seven cases back to federal appeals courts. Meaning, they didn’t actually make a decision. *Fingers crossed* for a compromise.

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