(Video)Disturbing: Mizzou “Protesters” Attack & Assault Journalist

By Lestado Codicus | November 11, 2015

Hypocritical Protesters Restrict Free Speech & Assault Other Students in Name of Equality

People need to go back and learn how to protest correctly.


It is NOT OK to oppress others because you are oppressed. That is not a good stance to take on things. It can only serve to make one look stupid and hypocritical. It’s important to realize that, if you want people to take you seriously, violently attacking your opposition is not the way to do it.

At Mizzou there is a group of criminals masquerading as protestors. They believe it is okay to restrict other people’s rights because they outnumber their opposition. According to them, it is okay to assault someone and say “I’m just walking forward”. It reminds me of this scene from the Simpsons.


Just because the majority of people present agree with you doesn’t justify this kind of violent hypocrisy. That is mob rule and it is the reason why America is not a Democracy. We live in a Democratic-Repubic because our nation’s founders realized the dangers of mob rule. Acts like these are what led to the rise of Hitler. Germans felt that they were being oppressed by the Jews in Europe. That is what led to the persecution of Jews and eventually the Holocaust itself. Do we want another Holocaust? Extremist mentalities are what cause oppression in the first place. Do you wish to become the very thing you are supposed to be fighting against? Probably not.  

Take a look at how Mizzou students and professors are handling their so called “movement” in the video below.


America’s youth are now being manipulated by the people who should be teaching them good principles and ethics. Instead, professors like Melissa A. Click are leading groups of students to violence. Do these modern day wannabe “feminists” think they can be the next Hitler? Do they want to put everyone else in a camp like animals? A lot of batshit crazy “feminists” actually do feel that way.

Watch the video below and see for yourself.


The establishment is using their puppet professors to create more contrived racial issues. There is probably a reason that these manipulative scum want to hide their actions from the prying eyes of the public. They hide because what is going on there is NOT American. It is opposing the very spirit of the USA. People need to wake up before this nation becomes an all-out tyranny. We do not need a Socialist Revolution like Germany or Russia had. We saw what that will get us already. Unfortunately, like most people, the students at Mizzou are following their leaders. The problem is that their leaders are taking them the wrong way.



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