FBI Director Comey Says Hillary Committed Perjury But Loretta Lynch Won’t Charge Her (VIDEO)

Hillary Knowingly Destroyed Evidence and Committed Perjury

James Comey agrees with Trey Gowdy about Hillary’s guilt and intent

Why are there no charges against Crooked Hillary? She put our national security at risk and committed treason. Intent is what Comey and Lynch want you to focus on. But Clinton also lied under oath. That is known as perjury in the court of law; a felony charge. Still no charges…

Loretta Lynch Preventing Charges Against Hillary Clinton

Watch it from the horse’s mouth below. James Comey says Hillary is guilty of perjury. Yet he didn’t charge her with anything because of Loretta Lynch’s control over the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Ken Buck establishes that Hillary did, in fact, know that as Secretary of State she would be receiving classified information in her emails. Comey agrees.

Then Buck establishes that Clinton did intend to use her email server in an illegal capacity to handle her official emails. Then when asked the direct question about Mrs. Clinton’s intent Comey had this to say:

She did, in fact, (Freudian slip?) uh… There is in my view not evidence beyond probable cause,” “that she knew she was receiving classified information or that she intended to retain it on her server. There’s evidence of that. But when I said there’s not clear evidence of it, that’s what I meant. I could not, even if the Department of Justice would bring that case,  I could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt those two elements.”

Note that he says “even if the Department of Justice would bring that case.” 

That single sentence is the most important one in the video. Loretta Lynch will not charge Hillary Clinton. Did James Comey just tell us that in cryptic form? It would seem so.

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