Caught Selling Baby Parts – Planned Parenthood Corruption

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(Thanks to The Center for Medical Progress)

The Center for Medical Progress sent several undercover associates into the Planned Parenthood organizations all around the country. Recent press releases claim at least 20 undercover videos are yet to be released. The Center for Medical Progress has dubbed the series of videos “Human Capital”. This is the truth behind the Planned Parenthood organization and the corrupt business deals made behind the scenes. Planned Parenthood is has thousands of sub-corporations in every state around the country. Each of the “affiliates” could possibly have separate deals with different companies to (1) dispose of [or] (2) sell baby parts. The sight itself is gruesome for anyone to see. This is the reality of what abortion is.

First Undercover Video Released! Watch Here!

I will tell you that behind closed doors these conversations are happening with the affiliates…” – Sounds like the Planned Parenthood Franchises are selling baby parts all across America through affiliates.



Haven’t thought about compensation for years…” – We need to investigate this statement.  This means there is evidence of Planned Parenthood selling baby fetuses in the past, somewhere.


Stemexpress Employee – Reveals Planned Parenthood

Didn’t even tell me what I would be doing…” Sounds like Planned Parenthood keeps their Stemexpress connection as quiet as possible.


Planned Parenthood Vice President Agrees to Sell Baby Parts

Planned Parenthood Admits to Manipulating Fetus Prices (Short Video)

Full Video – PP Employee calls baby parts “line items”


Watch the rest of the 21 undercover videos below


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