Poisonous Smog in China Killing 4,000 People a Day

According to Vice News: China’s Pollution is killing at least 4,000 People a Day.

Chinese Smog 4000 people
Smog. Like fog, but deadly. Chinese citizens are once again being forced into the all too common face mask. Pollution in China has risen to deadly levels. This has of course been a long time in the making. The industrialization of China has been far more focused on economic advantages than humane ones. The ignorance of the detrimental effects associated with smog will surely create a new motivation for Chinese government officials. Beijing has issued the first ever “Red Alert” due to poisonous smog.

There are now travel restrictions in effect.

Vice News on the Ground in Beijing

Surely, there will be an international outcry? If 4,000 people a day were dying in the United States due to pollution in the air would there be a difference? I am not sure. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) was recently blamed for a 3-million-gallon toxic waste spill in the Animas River, in Colorado. Did you hear about it?

Poisonous Smog

According to CNN, “Much of the Chinese capital shut down Tuesday after Beijing’s city government issued its first red alert for pollution — closing schools and construction sites and restricting the number of cars on the road.”

The “Red Alert” for poisonous smog in Beijing is said to be in effect until noon Thursday.

CNN interviewed a local business owner, Jia Xiaojiang:

Jia doesn’t wear face masks, but says the pollution has brought her respiratory issues.

“The smog is like toxic gas,” she said. “I never had a sore throat before. Starting from last year, my throat hurts once I speak.”

So for a year this woman has had bronchitis due to poisonous smog. Many other locals are hospitalized or dead. 16 flights were cancelled to and from Beijing today, due to the smog’s severity. The United States Embassy’s smog index was “beyond index” or un-measurable last week.

Blame Chinese Corporations and Government

China is an extremely fascist society, allowing corporations to get away with murder everyday.

China’s Smog can be Seen from Space

China smog from space

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