Police Confirmed Working With FBI To Secretly Build IRIS Scanning Database

The FBI now holds the iris scans of more than 400,000 people thanks to pioneering program sharing data with other agencies

  • The FBI has amassed 434,000 scans since the project started in 2013 
  • Around 200,000 of the scans come from San Bernardino, California alone
  • ACLU of California said it was ‘very troubling’ there had been no debate


kropekk_pl / Pixabay

Documents show three California sheriff’s departments have been collecting iris data from arrestees over the last two and a half years under an alleged FBI pilot program. The nationwide trove includes over 430,000 iris scans.

“The fact these systems have gone forward without any public debate or oversight that we’ve been able to find is very troubling,” Nicole Ozer, Technology and Civil Liberties Director at the California chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, told the Verge, which obtained the documents through a public records request.

#Uber, #Lyft join forces in opposing #FBI database’s privacy exemption https://t.co/iAhrww97LXpic.twitter.com/55F5tDHlVV

— RT (@RT_com) June 2, 2016
An Inmate Identification and Recognition (IRIS) scan takes a detailed image of the ridges in the colored part of the eye, usually through infrared photography. The ridges are considered more detailed than a fingerprint and can be scanned much faster. The scans can also be retrieved much faster.



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