Police “Disappeared” 7,000 People in Chicago

A place called Homan Square is a literal Human Hell

Homan Square protestor Gitmo torture in Chicago black siteFor the last 10 to 15 years, maybe longer, the Chicago Police have operated a ‘Black Site’ in Chicago, IL known as Homan Square. Officially, this is a sub-station. Since the site has been exposed protesters have continued to gather holding signs like ‘No GITMO in Chicago’.

Court documents reveal Homan Square has been the home of at least 7,000 Americans in just the last decade or so.

Only 68 victims were allowed to see their lawyer

Charles Jones CIA Black Site Chicago 7,000 people disappearedCharles Jones was abducted by the Homan Square units on March 17, 2015.

“It’s easy to just go grab someone, throw ’em somewhere – no food, no water, no access to the outside world, intimidating and threatening ’em.”
Jones is currently suing the police for a separate incident on 1 June 2012, during which he says officers “charged me because I refused to give them information and cooperate with them” at Homan Square. – The Guardian

Chicago police officer, Richard Zuley, has link to GITMO. At least one officer who was accused of torture at the Homan Square black site also worked at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Centor or GITMO.

Lathierial Boyd was set up years ago by that very same officer and received 82 years in prison. He has since been exonerated of all charges. Many more lawsuits are expected as the investigation ensues. Maybe we will see some arrests too.

The Guardian put together some videos of the story.

Angel Perez was ‘Gun Raped’ in Homan Square by Police

Torture has been widespread in Chicago for a long time…Over a decade ago there was a lawsuit that ended in the ‘Reparations for Chicago Police Torture Survivors’ (From 1972 to 1991). That civil case resulted in ongoing criminal cases against the officers involved. Visit http://chicagotorture.org/ and learn more.


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