Police Looking at Quebec Attack Suspect as ‘Lone Wolf’ Despite Islamic Ties

Media claiming Quebec shooter was “lone wolf” despite his Islamic ties.

It doesn’t even surprise me anymore when the media decides to spin a shooting as being done by a “lone wolf”. All the mainstream is trying to do is distract from the problem of loose immigration policies that lead to events like these. Policies that Donald Trump is actually working on fixing.

However, if you look at the mainstream news sites today you will see that all of them are spinning Trump’s immigration ban in a negative way. You can always tell what the globalists are against by what the mainstream has to say about it.

Police looking at Quebec attack suspect as ‘lone wolf’

Police were investigating a single suspect in a shooting at a Quebec City mosque that killed six people, with a second person who was arrested now considered a witness, authorities said on Monday.

The sole suspect in the attack on Sunday evening prayers was Alexandre Bissonnette, a French-Canadian university student, according to a source familiar with the matter…

Full story: Police looking at Quebec attack suspect as ‘lone wolf’ -source

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