Police Say Man With No Hands and No Legs is Armed and On the Run

Authorities in Florida are searching for an armed quadruple amputee who’s reportedly been on the run since Tuesday, hoping to question him about his involvement in a double murder.

Sean Petrozzino, 30, reportedly lost his legs, hands and parts of his arms to bacterial meningitis years ago. Police say he moved in with his parents last week after separating from his wife amidst some serious financial issues.

Both of his parents were both found dead Tuesday morning after Sean’s mother, Nancy Petrozzino, failed to show up for her job as a schoolteacher.

Sean Petrozzino was last seen on an ATM surveillance camera Tuesday morning. Although police say he’s currently a “person of interest” and not an official suspect in the double murder, a spokesperson did caution that he’s armed with a gun.

A prosthetics expert told the Orlando Sentinel you don’t need a hand to shoot both your parents—just the will—as most guns can apparently be fired by the handless, “without special devices.”

Source: Police Say Man With No Hands and No Legs Is Armed and On the Run – Counter Current News

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