Police Tortured a Man to DEATH In… America

By Lestado Codicus
October 13, 2015

“Mathew Ajibade died alone in an isolation cell, bound by the hands and feet, strapped into a restraint chair.” –The Daily Beast

POLICE tortured a man to death in America! Will the masses ever wake up and accept that this is happening? If not, it will never stop.

Welcome to the new America. Perhaps we should change our slogan to: The Land of the Slaves and the Home of the Cowards? Everything has become so inverted that it is hard to recognize this nation anymore. Sociopathic Government Officials will continue to murder people until we start making examples of them.
Mr. Ajibade died strapped to a chair because he was tased repeatedly by power hungry criminals. They beat him, kicked him, tazed him… Because they COULD. You think that conspiracies are just fairy tells?

“Nine Chatham County sheriff’s deputies have been fired after a probe conducted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Two former deputies and a jailhouse nurse were indicted on charges last June that included involuntary manslaughter, cruelty to an inmate, and public records fraud. They are now on trial, facing a jury of their peers and forced to defend the indefensible.” – The Daily Beast

He was arrested on New Year’s Day – Dead hours later.

“When police, responding to a domestic violence call, arrived that evening, his girlfriend told them about his mental health issues and even gave the officers a bottle of his medication. Instead of a health care facility, Ajibade was taken to the county lock-up. Hours later, he was dead.” Police reports claim that Ajibade was “combative” and fighting with officers from the moment he arrived at the jail. Jail staff claimed they found him unresponsive later.

However, footage recovered from the stun gun shows another story. Ajibade was clearly not resisting or fighting with officers. He was, in fact, motionless when officers placed a taser on his genitals and began their sadistic torture of a man. If not for this video… These officers would have gotten away with another murder. How many had they already committed? The world will never know.


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