Pope Preaches to Europe – Stay in NWO!

Pro Globalist Pope Francis Lectured Europe today on the extreme importance of remaining part of the Global Government. Pope Anti-Christ?


Pope Francis has forcefully reprimanded European leaders, urging them to reject calls for the re-nationalization of the continent, to remember the devastating history that preceded their unification, and to “build bridges and tear down walls” in the face of the continuing migrant crisis.In a thunderous speech Friday accepting the prestigious German Charlemagne Prize in the presence of the three European Union presidents, the pontiff strikingly criticized a “resignation and weariness that do not belong to the soul of Europe,” asking the continent three times: “What has happened to you?”

The pope also shared his dream of a Europe focused on building solidarity and generosity across borders, saying that dialogue and integration are the only paths forward for the continent.

Source: Francis reprimands European leaders, forcefully asking continent: ‘What has happened to you?’ | National Catholic Re


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