Company Maps Cannabis Genome to Protect from Monsanto

Portland Startup Maps Cannabis Genome to Protect Weed from Monsanto Patenting


A Portland biotechnology company has launched a 3-D map that charts the genetic evolution of cannabis genomes, protecting strains like OG Kush from future patent attempts by big agricultural companies such as Monsanto.

The startup, Phylos Bioscience, and its chief scientific officer Mowgli Holmes have been talking about mapping weed genes for years. But Phylos finally launched its guide—called the Galaxy—on Wednesday.

With the Galaxy, users can view the hereditary sequence of each plant by following lines that connect strains to their genetic parent or offspring. Similar plants are located close to each other, while color groups the plants into “tribes” based on their region.

 Preparations for this project have stretched over two years, as Phylos has worked to sample plants, sequence their DNA and develop the software that would allow the Galaxy to function.

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