Prayer and Fasting for a Reprieve for America

Can thousands of Christian believers agreeing together to fast and pray for 21 days leading up to Election Day November 8th change the course of a nation?

Pastor Rick Wiles, host of the daily news and analysis program TRUNEWS began his fast on October 19th, and encouraged listeners to the broadcast to join him in believing for a return to God, and seeking a ‘reprieve’ for America.

Wiles also serves as the shepherd of Flowing Streams Church in Vero Beach, Florida, and in recent messages to the congregation, he has sought to create awareness of God’s displeasure with the sin and corruption in our nation.

One message entitled ‘America in the Valley of Decision’, Pastor Wiles outlined how throughout both Biblical and Church history, mankind has operated in cycles.  These cycles are clearly identifiable periods of time that reveal the character and nature of current generations.

According to Pastor Wiles, we are at the end of one such cycle, which has occurred approximately every 500 years in Christian history within the context of Western Civilization.

The current election for president in the United States is a turning point in our nation, Wiles says.

Pastor Wiles announced the fast in response not only to sin and corruption that he is seeing in the nation, but also prompted by a young woman who submitted a recent dream to the ministry.

The dream was of a courtroom, and a contrite, humbled Donald Trump was appearing before a judge.  It was apparent that America was being judged, and as the dream was ending, the judge lowered the gavel and said, “The reprieve is …… “

It was as if an opportunity was being presented to the nation, but the decision had not yet been made.

Prompted by this dream, Pastor Wiles announced his personal 21 day fast leading up to the general election.  On several episodes of TRUNEWS, host Rick Wiles also encouraged listeners to join with him in praying for the coming decision, and for the nation.

Will God grant a reprieve to America, or will this nation stubbornly refuse to turn from its wicked production of corruption, war, vile pornographic entertainment, and debasement of humanity?

Will you join TRUNEWS in fasting and praying from now up until the general election November 8th?  Please email at [email protected] to the ministry know of your personal commitment to pray for America at this time of somber decision.

Source: Prayer and Fasting for a Reprieve for America

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