The Presidential Candidates “They” Don’t Want You To Know About

Presidency 2016

President Obama is barred by constitutional term limits from seeking re-election in 2016. A large crowd of candidates will likely compete for the Democratic and Republican nominations. Plus there are LOTS of likely third party and independent P2016 hopefuls. So, if a person is running, or thinking of running — regardless of party, ballot status, or chances of winning — we have him or her listed below. Incumbent party first, following by the main opposition party, then the third party candidates, and finally the independent and write-in hopefuls.

BOLD = Announced Candidate (or Filed an Exploratory Committee)
Italics = Possible Candidate


Hillary ClintonTim Kaine Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (New York)
Presidential Nominee
US Senator Tim Kaine (Virginia)
Vice Presidential Nominee



Donald TrumpMike Pence Businessman Donald J. Trump (New York)
Presidential Nominee
Governor Mike Pence (Indiana)
Vice Presidential Nominee



Darrell CastleScott Bradley Darrell Castle (Tennessee)
Presidential Nominee
Scott Bradley (Utah)
Vice Presidential Nominee


Jill Stein Ajamu Baraka Dr. Jill Stein (Massachusetts)
Presidential Nominee
Ajamu Baraka (Virginia)
Vice Presidential Nominee


Gary JohnsonBill Weld Former Governor Gary Johnson (New Mexico)
Presidential Nominee
Former Governor Bill Weld (Massachusetts)
Vice Presidential Nominee

(Note: Parties with ballot status in at least one state — based on 2012 ballot status — listed first, then all others under the INDEPENDENT & WRITE-IN CANDIDATES header).


Tom HoeflingSteve Schulin Tom Hoefling (Iowa)
Presidential Nominee
Steve Schulin (South Carolina)
Vice Presidential Nominee


Bob WhitakerTom Bowie Bob Whitaker (South Carolina)
Presidential Nominee
Tom Bowie (Maryland)
Vice Presidential Nominee


Scott CopelandJ.R. Myers Scott Copeland (Texas)
Presidential Nominee
J.R. Myers (Alaska)
Vice Presidential Nominee


Gloria LaRiva Eugene Puryear Gloria LaRiva (California)
Presidential Nominee
Eugene Puryear (District of Columbia)
Vice Presidential Nominee



Jim Hedges Bill Bayes Former Township Tax Assessor Jim Hedges (Pennsylvania)
Presidential Nominee
Bill Bayes (Mississippi)
Vice Presidential Nominee


Rocky de la FuenteMichael Steinberg Rocky de la Fuente (Florida)
Presidential Nominee
Michael Steinberg (Florida)
Vice Presidential Nominee


Mimi Soltysik Angela Walker Emidio “Mimi” Soltysik (California)
Presidential Nominee
Angela Walker (Wisconsin)
Vice Presidential Nominee


Jerry White Niles Niemuth Jerry White (Michigan)
Presidential Nominee
Niles Niemuth (Wisconsin)
Vice Presidential Nominee


Alyson Kennedy Osborne Hart Alyson Kennedy (Illinois)
Presidential Nominee
Osborne Hart (Pennsylvania)
Vice Presidential Nominee


Chris Keniston Deacon Taylor Chris Keniston (Texas)
Presidential Nominee
Deacon Taylor (Nevada)
Vice Presidential Nominee


Monica Moorehead Lamont Lilly Monica Moorehead (New York)
Presidential Nominee
Lamont Lilly (North Carolina)
Vice Presidential Nominee


Frank Atwood Frank Atwood (Approval Voting Party-Colorado)

Michael Deeks (USA76 Party-Florida)

Kyle Kopitke Kyle Kopitke (Independent American Party-Michigan)

Laurence Koltikoff Prof. Laurence Koltikoff (Independent-Massachuetts)

Joe Maldonado Joseph “Joe Exotic” Maldonado (Independent-Oklahoma)

Evan McMullin Evan McMullin (Independent-Utah)

Ryan Alan Scott (Independent-Colorado)

Rod Silva Rod Silva (Nutrition Party-New Jersey)


Gifford Abbott Jr. (Independent-Pennsylvania)
Christopher Abernathy (Independent-North Carolina)
Philip Adams (Free World Party-Georgia)
Paul Adams (Independent-Connecticut)
William Oren Adams (Independent-Louisiana)
Danny Aguilar (Write In-Nevada)
Robert Aldridge (Independent-Tennessee)
Jamal Alkhaibari (Independent-Colorado)
Darryl Allen (Independent-Washington)
James Allen (Independent-Kentucky)
Jeremiah Allen (Independent-Oklahoma)
William Alsup (Independent-Kentucky)
Joseph Altimari (Independent-Pennsylvania)
Farley Anderson (Independant American Party-Utah)
John Anderson (Populist Party-Michigan)
Roland Aranjo (Independent-Arizona)
Renny Arcaya (Independent-Texas)
Aidan Arnold-Galati (Independent-California)
Paul Asher (Independent-Florida)
Frank Atwood (Approval Voting-Colorado)
Dustin Baird (Write In-Utah)
Ed Baker (Independent-Oregon)
Jacob Baker (Work-South Carolina)
Dennis Ball (America’s Party of America-California)
Joseph Bannerman (Independent-Alabama)
Don Barnhart Jr. (Independent-Nevada)
Parker Baro (Independent-Florida)
Andrew Basiago (Independent-Washington)
Adam Baxter (Independent-Utah)
Chandler Benn (Independent-Wisconsin)
Danny Bennett, II (United-Montana)
Rhett Bergevin (Independent-Illinois)
Joey Berry (Independent-South Carolina)
Maryanne Bridget Berman (Independent American-New York)
Randy Bizzle (Independent-North Carolina)
Michael Blair (Independent-Washington)
Piotr Blass (Write In-Florida)

David Boarman (Independent-California)
Chad Boisselle (Independent-North Carolina)
Sheila Bolar (Independent-Alabama)
Matthew Borman (American-Florida)
Eric Borrell (Independent-District of Columbia)
Robert Boris (Independent-California)
William Bowhall Jr. (Independent-Alabama)
J. Boydston (Write In-Colorado)
Gregory Boyer (Write In-Oklahoma)
Michelle Braithwood (Independent-Florida)
Spencer Brandkamp (Write In-Arkansas)
Joseph Britt Jr. (Independent-New York)
Peter Breyfogle (Independent-Minnesota)
Mark Brooks (Independent-Washington)
Anitra Brown (Independent-California)
Harley Brown (Independent-Idaho)
James Brummett (Independent-Indiana)
Sean Burns (Independent-Iowa)
Doug Butler (Independent-Washington)
Pamela Pinkney Butts (Independent-Ohio)
James Byers (Independent-Indiana)
Joshua Cady (Independent-Alabama)
Scott Caldwell (Independent-Flordia)
Johnnie Campbell (Independent-Iowa)
Paul Cannaday (Independent-Michigan)
Antonio Cannady (Independent-Florida)
Emilio Carreon (Independence Party-California)
Jerry Leon Carroll (Independent-California)
Kristie Carter-Gutierrez (Independent-Tennessee)
Michael Castillejos (Federal-New York)
John Castillo (Independent-Texas)
Cynthia Cavasos (Write In-Texas)
Paul Chehade (Independent-Florida)
Toney Chenyworth (Independent-Texas)
John Chester (Independent-Vermont)
Andrew Chung (Write In-Georgia)
Christopher Cincotta (Independent-Colorado)
Doris Cintron (Independent-California)
Anthony Ciotti III (Independent-California)
“Santa” Roy Clark (Independent-Kentucky)
Todd Clayton Jr. (Chivalry Party-Washington)
Douglas Clement (Independent-Missouri)
John Cole (Independent-New York)
Amy Conger (Independent-Ohio)
Phil Cornell (Independent-Washington)
Tom Corwine (Independent-New York)
Regis Costello (Independent-Washington)
Dakota Courtois (Independent-New York)
Steven Covington (Independent-Virginia)
Thomas Coyne (Independent-Ohio)
Philip Crawford (Write In-Illinois)
J.D. Criveau (Constitutionist-Virginia)
Timothy Croston (Independent-California)
Robert Crow (Independent-Ohio)
Daniel Cummings (Independent-Wyoming)
Travis Curl (Independent-Texas)
Janka Cvorovic (Independent-New York)
Kevin Deame (Pirate-Connecticut)
Caesar St Augustine DeBuonaparte (Absolute Dictator-California)
Frank DeCota (Independent-Massachusetts)
Rocky De La Fuente (Independent-Florida)
Arturo Del Hierro (Independent-Texas)
Craig Dell (Independent-Virginia)
Guy DeMarco (Independent-Missouri)
Michael Dename Jr. (Independent-New York)
Vickie Denz (Independent-Washington)
Jennifer Depew (Independent-Michigan)
Robert Devine (Independent-Wisconsin)
Steve Dillon (Independent-North Carolina)
Robert Dionisio (Independent-Georgia)
Will Dodds (Write In-Iowa)
Kenneth Domagala (Independent-New York)
Kevin Donges (Independent-Ohio)
Ned Donovan (Federal Party-Wyoming)
David Doucette (Write In-Washington)
Colin Doyle (Independent-Oregon)
Art Drew (Independent-Pennsylvania)
Nick Dubois (Independent-Virginia)
Keith Duer (Write In-New York)
Norman Dutra (Independent-Massachuetts)
Andrew Elijah Mister Duffy (Independent-California)
Larry Weldon Duncan (Independent-California)
Christopher Dunn (Independent-Indiana)
Mark Dutter (Independent-South Dakota)
Jason Eddy (Independent-Arkasas)
Jenny Edwards (Independent-Alabama)
Katee Edwards (Independent-Alabama)
La Resa Edwards (Independent-Georgia)
Roderick Edwards (Write In-Indiana)
Thomas Edwards (Write In-Texas)
Claire Elliott (Independent-Georgia)
Jonathan Elliott (Independent-California)
David Epley (Independent-Kentucky)
Frank Erwin (Independent-Indiana)
Geby Espinoza (Write In-California)
John Paul Eurton (Independent-Indiana)
Jonathan Evans (Independent-Colorado)
Souraya Faas (Independent-Florida)
Mike Fahl (Cherry Picker Party-Utah)
Sam Faldraga (Independent-New Jersey)
Paul “Superman” Falkenberg (Independent-Wisconsin)
Jacob Familoni (Independent-California)
Charles Fanning (Independent-Virginia)
Timothy Farkas (Independent-Ohio)
Joseph Farrington (Independent-Michigan)
John Ferguson (Eco/Green-Texas)
Ken Fields (Independent-New York)
Caleb-Michael Files (Independent-New York)
James Finney (Independent-New York)
David Flanders (Independent-Florida)
Lori Fleming (Independent-Arkansas)
Matt Flores (Write In-Illinois)
Jason Flowers (Independent-Michigan)
John Follansbee (Independent-California)
Gregory Foster (Independent-Texas)
Brian Franze (Independent-Texas)
Will Froeber (Independent-Florida)
Mark Frohman (Independent-Texas)
Matthew Fuller (Write In-New York)
Jeremy Gable (Independent-Pennsylvania)
Jason Gambert (Independent-Arizona)
Samx Garcia (Independent-Ohio)
Edward Gardner Jr. (Independent American-New York)
Jeff George (Independent-Florida)
Neven Gibbs (Independent-Washington)
Rocky Giordani (Independent-California)
William Giordano (Write In-Pennsylvania)
Steve Gladstone (Independent-Maryland)
Todd Glore (Independent-Indiana)
Josh Goellner (American Party-Texas)
Kevin Gong (Conservative Party-California)
Jeremy Gove (Independent-California)
Mark Graham (Write In-Florida)
Barry Grauman (Independent-Massachusetts)
Hosanna Gray (Independent-Michigan)
Clifton Greuter (Write In-Montana)
David Grig (Independent-North Carolina)
Athenia Guice (Indigo Party-Florida)
Gregory Guillaume (Write In-California)
Blue Hair Guy (Independent-Ohio)
Dave Haen (Independent-Nevada)
John Habjan (Constitutional Conservative Party-West Virginia)
Martin Hahn (Independent-Oregon)
Emanuel Hammond (Independent-Arkansas)
Maxwell Hansen (Independent-Illinois)
Raymond Harding (Constitutional-Virginia)
Scott Harkins (Independent-Florida)
Emelia Harris (Write In-Florida)
Christopher Hart (Write In-Nebraska)
Linda Hart (Independent-Texas)
Ronald Hartsfield (Independent-Florida)
David Hendrix (Independent-North Carolina)
Phillip Hill (Independent-Pennsylvania)
Sam Hoff (Independent-Delaware)
Daniel Hogan (Independent-Missouri)
Donald Hopkins Jr. (Independent-Arkansas)
David Christopher Holcomb (Independent-Nebraska)
Robert Holloway Jr. (Independent-South Carolina)
Rick Hopkins (Independent-Michigan)
Mark Houston (Independent-New Jersey)
Bill Howard (Independent-Indiana)
Richard Howenstein (Independent-Indiana)
Michael Hubbell (Independent-Maryland)
Frank Huber II (Independent American Party-Ohio)
Jeff Huettl (Independent-Wisconsin)
Eugene Hunt Jr. (Independent-Michigan)
Christopher “Kaelas” Hurley (Independent-New Mexico)
Samuel Levi Hurt (Independent-Pennsylvania)
Paul Hurteau (Independent-Massachusetts)
Patrick Irwin (Independent-Washington)
Tom Irwin (American-Pennsylvania)
Zoltan Istvan (Transhumanist-California)
C.J. Jackson (Independent-Pennsylvania)
Danny Jackson (Write In-Indiana)
Roland Jackson (Independent-District of Columbia)
Sarah Jackson (Independent-Utah)
Khadijah Jacob-Fambro (Revolutionary-California)
Paul Jacobson (Independent-Indiana)
Steven Jacobson (Independent-California)
Darin Janda (Independent-Washington)
Michael Jenkins (Independent-Virginia)
Gerald Jennings II (Independent-Colorado)
O. Hope Jerio (Independent-West Virginia)
Keya Jerry (Independent-Virginia)
Edward Jewell Sr. (Independent-Indiana)
Barry Johnson (Independent-Kansas)
Ed Jones (Independent-Ohio)
Ronald Jones (Independent-Florida)
Sue Lisa Jones (Independent-Arizona)
Terry Jones (Independent-Florida)
Vincent Jones II (Bull Moose-South Carolina)
Keith Josephs (Independent-New York)
Anik Joshi (Independent American Party-California)
Lynn Kahn (Independent-Maryland)
Richard Karst (Independent-California)
Cornelius Katt (Independent-Pennsylvania)
Thomas Keister (US Marijuana Party-Indiana)
Mohammed Keita (Write In-New York)
James Kenny (Independent-New York)
Elizabeth Kirk (Independent-Virginia)
Gary Kittredge (Independent-New York)
Darren Klein (Independent-New Jersey)
Chad Kline (Write In-California)
Billy Knaub (Write In-New York)
David Knight (Independent-Nevada)
Ashten Koontz (Independent-North Carolina)
Steven Korb (Independent-Virginia)
Thomas Labo (Independent-Massachusetts)
Temperance Lance-Council (Anti Hypocrisy-California)
Keith LaPointe (Write In-Maine)
David Larm (Independent-Minnesota)
Abbey Laurel-Smith (Pilgrims Alliance-Louisiana)
James T. Law (Independent-California)
Michael Lednovich (Independent-California)
Robert Lee (Independent-Virginia)
James Legan (Independent-Georgia)
James Legate Jr. (US Taxpayers Party-Texas)
Robert Lehigh (Inspiration-Utah)
Michael “Lev” Levinson (Write In-Florida)
Bishop Julian Lewis Jr. (Independent-Texas)
David Librace (Write In-Arkansas)
Brian Lichtenfels (Independent-Pennsylvania)
David Limbaugh (Write In-Tennessee)
David Tawei Lin (Independent-California)
Tom Lineaweaver (Freedom Party USA-Pennsylvania)
Mark Linn (Write In-New Hampshire)
Geoffrey Liu (Write In-Maryland)
David Livingston (Independent-Connecticut)
June Lloyd (Independent-Washington)
Jack Logsdon (Independent-Virginia)
Bruce Lohmiller (Write In-Colorado)
Tony Loup (Independent-New York)
Donald Eugene Lowe (Independent-Texas)
Alexander Luthor (Independent-California)
Randall Lutz (Independent-Flordia)
William Lynch (Independent-New York)
Raymond Mace (Independent-Georgia)
Deborah MacKimzey (Independent-Texas)
Robert MacLeod Jr. (Independent-Georgia)
Ed Macy (Independent-Ohio)
Mike Magolnick (Independent-Texas)
Maher Maher (Independent-New Jersey)
Lucy Mailloux (Independent-Arizona)
Devon Manelski (Independent-Michigan)
Robert Mann (Independent-Indiana)
Kevin Manning (Independent-Arizona)
Aloysius Marcinek (Independent-Ohio)
Mike Mark (Independent-Michigan)
Benjamin Markgraff (Independent-North Dakota)
Christian Jay “Cjay” Marshall (Independent-Tennessee)
Shant Marshall (Write In-Georgia)
Danny Martin (Independent-Wyoming)
John David Martin (independent-California)
Shawna Martinez (Independent-Kentucky)
Matthew Martowska (Independent-Massachuetts)
Richard Matheson (Oathkeepers Party-Illinois)
Mark Matousek (Ace Party-Missouri)
Mike Maturen (American Solidarity Party-Michigan)
Angie McCall (Independent-Florida)
Benson McCall (Independent-New York)
Nikki McCoig (Independent-Illinois)
Jennifer McEachern (Independent-South Carolina)
Steven McGinnis (Independent-Indiana)
Patrick McKart (Meritocracy Party-Florida)
Eamon McKeever (Ace Party-North Carolina)
Patrick McKenna (Independent-Illinois)
Myles McManus (Independent-New York)
Scott Meek (Independent-California)
Robert “Junior” Mejias (Independent-Nevada)
Roland Menard III (Moderation Affiliation-Hawaii)
German Quinones Mercado Jr. (Independent-District of Columbia)
Linda Merry (Independent-Vermont)
Drew Mertens (Independent-Illinois)
Andrew Mickert (Independent-Virginia)
Georgre Mikles (Independent-Nevada)
Alexander Miller (Independent-California)
Merlin Miller (American Eagle-California)
R. Lee Miller (Independent-California)
Jeremy Milligan (Independent-Illinois)
Charles Mitchell-King (Independent-California)
Robert Milnes (Progressive Libertarian Alliance-New Jersey)
Elmer Mohr (Independent-Oregon)
Corey Molinelli (Constitutional-Texas)
Kevin Montgomery (Independent-Missouri)
Derick Moody (Independent-Utah)
Billy Moore (Independent-Oregon)
Virginia Morago (Independent-Missouri)
David Morascini (Independent-Connecticut)
Perry Morcom (Independent-Texas)
Kevin Moreau (Independent-California)
Brandon Morgan (Independent-South Carolina)
Samuel Morisson (Independent-New Jersey)
Laio Morris (Write In-Virginia)
Shawn Moynihan (Independent-Florida)
Tony Mullikin (Independent-Florida)
Hilary Myers (Independent-Ohio)
Timothy Myers (Independent-Colorado)
Eric Nagel (Independent-New York)
Gloria Jean Nagle (Independent-Texas)
Michael Napodano (Independent-Texas)
Jim Nash (Independent-Missouri)
Katie Naylor (Independent-Washington)
Bill Nees (Independent Statesmen-Georgia)
Craig Neff (Independent-Maryland)
Uryan Nelson (Independent-Texas)
Deonia Neveu (Independent-Virginia)
Michael Nicely (Independent-Illinois)
Roger Nichols (United Party-Missouri)
Thomas Nieman (Write In-Colorado)
Rogelio Nuno (Independent-California)
Matthew O’Connor (Independent-Ohio)
Timothy O’Grady (Independent-Colorado)
Donald O’Mara (Independent-Louisiana)
Michael Oatman Independent-Arizona)
Lawrence Obern (Independent-Maryland)
Jeffrey Oleyar (Write In-Ohio)
Bryan Ollivier (Independent-California)
Warren Owens (Independent-New York)
Erik Paquette (Independent-Connecticut)
John Parker (Independent-Mississippi)
Joel Pearson (Write In-Texas)
Mark Pendleton (Independent-Utah)
Ryan Perera (Independent-Minnesota)
Gary Perkins Jr. (Independent-Alabama)
Charles “Chaz” Perry III (Independent-Montana)
Michael Peuler (Independent-Pennsylvania)
Marty Piatt (Independent-California)
Louis Pica (Independent-New Jersey)
Matthew Pinnavaia (Independent-California)

William Pittman
Eric Poders

Robert Pool (Independent-Georgia)
Samuel Powell (Independent-District of Columbia)
Jessica Priester (Write In-Arizona)
Donald Proctor Jr. (Write In-Massachusetts)
Cynthia Pryber (Conservative Party-Illinois)
Michael Puskar (Independent-Maryland)
Kelley Bracken Rainey (Independent-South Carolina)
Dinesh Ravishanker (New White-California)
Don Reaux (Independent-Louisiana)
C.C. Reed (Independent-Florida)
Bob Reed (Independent-New York)
Carl Renowitzky (Independent-California)
Sam Resibord (Independent-Pennsylvania)
Darwin Misha Reedy (Indendent-Texas)
Alexander Ressa (Independent-Illinois)
William Knox Richardson (Independent-California)
James Courtney Rives (Independent-Illinois)
Clifton Roberts (Humane Party-California)
Charles Robichaud (Write In-Rhode Island)
Joseph Rodgers (Independent-Illinois)
Ian Rodriguez (Write In-Florida)
Steve Rogers (Independent Party-California)
Don Rondeau (Independent-Maryland)
Johnny Roosevelt (Independent-Illinois)
Andrew Rosenbaum (Independent-Florida)
Paul Rosenberger (Independent-California)
Elijah Rostron (Independent-Massachusetts)
Brandon Rowe (Independent-Kentucky)
John Roy (Independent-Pennsylvania)
Howie Rubin (Independent-Oregon)
Arron Rudeen (Independent-Washington)
Dana Glen Russ (Independent-Texas)
William Salyer (Independent-Missouri)
Chris Santos (Independent-Massachusetts)
John Saraceno (Independent-Indiana)
Dave Sartin (Veterans Party-West Virginia)
Donald Sauter (Independent-Delaware)
Brad Schiller (Independent-Nevada)
Joe Schriner (Independent-Ohio)
Guy Schwartz (Independent-Texas)
John Graham Schwartz (Independent-Illinois)
J.W. Scroggie (Independent-Tennessee)
Michael Scruggs (Independent-Illinois)
William Sears (Write In-Ohio)
James Sewell III (Independent-Texas)
Anthony Shahmoradi (Independent-Pennsylvania)
Ryan Shepard (Independent-New York)
Christopher Shields (Write In-South Carolina)
Mark Shirley Independent-Illinois)
Muhammad Sho (Independent-Texas)
Richard Shrum (Independent-Texas)
Robert Sigsby (Independent-Michigan)
Ben Simmons (Independent-Utah)
Harley Simmons (Independent-Texas)
Jacob Simmons (Independent-Illinois)
Michael Simmons (Independent-Colorado)
Mary Erwin Simpson (Independent-District of Columbia)
Monroe Pierce Singleton (Peace Party-Oregon)
D.R. Skeens (Independent-Washington)
Keith Smith (Independent-Ohio)
Michael Smith (Independent-Pennsylvania)
Mike Smith (Independent-Colorado)
Roger Smith (Write In-West Virginia)
Scott Smith (Independent-Colorado)
T. Ben Smith (Independent-Florida)
Tony Smitherman (Independent-Texas)
George Norton Snider (Independent Christian Party-Florida)
Spencer Snyder (Independent-Texas)
Jack Sparrow (Independent-Oregon)
David Sponheim (America’s Third Party-Washington)
Ray Stahle (Write In-Pennsylvania)
Tami Stainfield (Independent-West Virginia)
Renee Stephens (Write In-Oregon)
Scott Stephens (Independent-New York)
Shawna Sterling (Independent-Kentucky)
Corey Sterner (Write In-Colorado)
Patricia Stevens (Write In-Oklahoma)
Patrick Stewart (Write In-Colorado)
Damian Stone (Independent-Florida)
Ricky Joe “Average Joe” Story (Independent-Florida)
Christopher Strunk (Independent-New York)
Dexter Suber (United Citizens Party-South Carolina)
Karin Swanson (Socialist Democrat-Texas)
Maurice Symonette (Write In-Florida)
Dan Szathmary (Independent-California)
Robert Szekely (Independent-Colorado)
Sonya Tabor (Write In-Texas)
Paul Tape Jr. (Tea-Florida)
Dan Taus (Independent-Pennsylvania)
William Taylor (Write In-California)
Josh Thomas (Independent-South Carolina)
Judah Thomas (Independent-Connecticut)
Morris Kent Thompson (Independent-Florida)
Troy Thompson (Independent-Georgia)
Sheila “Samm” Tittle (Independent-Virginia)
Perry Tolos (Independent-Florida)
Brian Topping (Write In-Michigan)
Matthew Torrez (Independent-Florida)
Darrell Trigg (Christian Party-Tennessee)
Gary Tucker (Write In-Texas)
Tommy Turner (independent-Virginia)
Mathew Tyler (Independent-California)
Colton Unden (Independent-North Carolina)
Matthew Unsworth (Independent-California)
Joshua Usera (Independent-South Dakota)
Tony Valdivia (Write In-Texas)
Stanley Valentine (Independent-Florida)
Harold Van Allen (Independent-New York)
George Van Bernum Jr. (Independent-New York)
Mark Van De Wege (Independent-Michigan)
Gabriel Van Duren (Independent-Utah)
Isaac Vega (Write In-California)
Andre Ventura (Independent-Michigan)
Da Vid (Light-California)
Robert Vince Jr. (Independent-Ohio)
Phlllip “Andy” Vineyard (Independent-Kansas)
Andrew Vitale (Write In-New York)
Marilyn Volz-Hazel (Independent-Missouri)
Doris Walker (Independent-Illinois)
Hugh Walker (Independent-California)
Michelle “Hope” Walker (Independent-California)
Victor Walker (Independent-Maryland)
Kelso David Wallace (Write In-Florida)
William Wallace (Independent-Alabama)
Richard Watkins (Independent-California)
Andrew Webster (Independent-Texas)

Benjamin Weigel (Independent-California)
Andre Wells (Write In-California)
Eric Weinrib (Independent-New York)
Richard Wentworth (Independent-California)
David Wesson (Independent-West Virginia)
Kevin West (Independent-Arkansas)
Terry Wheelock (Independent-Texas)
Melissa White (Personal Choice-Indiana)
Ron White (Independent-California)
Thomas Wicker (Independent-New York)
Michael Wilhelm (Independent-Washington)
Todd Willey (All Mother Earth-Michigan)
Kent Williams (Independent-Florida)
Linel Williams III (Independent-North Carolina)
Mitchell Williams (Write In-Florida)
Steven Wilson (Write In-Missouri)
Mark Wimmer (Independent-Virginia)
John Wood (Independent-Utah)
Chad Woodard (Independent-California)
Dan Woodring (Write In-Florida)
Jason Woodward (Write In-New Hampshire)
Curtis Woolsey (Christian Party-Arizona)
Nicholas Ximenez (Independent- Texas)
DyJuan D. Barnes Yahweh (Independent-Kansas)
Floyd Yancey (Independent-Tennessee)
Kenneth Young (Right to Life-California)
Chuck Zeiger (Independent-Arizona)
David Zjejewski (Independent-New Jersey)
Robert Zorn (Independent-Vermont)
Daniel Zutler (US Party-Florida)


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