Project Veritas Releases 5th Undercover Video: Media Matters & Clinton

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has released its fifth installment of the “Rigging The Election” series, an exposé they’ve described as a “multi-part series which exposes the dark secrets at the highest levels of the DNC and Clinton presidential campaign.”

Project Veritas explains their latest video:
“In a new video released by Project Veritas Action, a PVA journalist exposes how his pay for play with Robert Creamer landed him a meeting with Bradley Beychock, the President of Media Matters For America, an organization that has been attacking James O’Keefe for years.

During the meeting, Beychock gave the PVA journalist a tour of their offices. He also proudly boasted about the Media Matters assault on conservative writer and political consultant Roger Stone.”


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