Proof that U.S. Senate Knows About Chemtrails

By Lestado Codicus

October 31, 2015


Chemtrails are very real, and have been since at least 1978. You probably don’t believe it but we have proof.

I am not going to go into a very long explanation this time. Chemtrails are chemical contrails that are sprayed from planes in an attempt to modify the weather. Many people will tell you that those lines in the sky are just normal contrails. However, if you research any science behind the matter, you will find out rather quickly that contrails don’t stay in the sky, they dissipate. Chemtrails (also known as “Persistent Contrails”) turn into wispy looking grey “clouds” if you watch them long enough.

Watch this video below and you will see what Chemtrails are. Some skeptics claim that contrails can stay for extended time periods in some conditions. This video shows two planes at the SAME ELEVATION and in the same conditions… But they are both leaving very different trails behind them… The short trails are real contrails… These are ice crystals that evaporate in the air. The longer trails that seem to become clouds are Chemtrails. See for yourself. And don’t worry, there’s much more convincing proof below.

Now that I have you wondering what proof I have…

It turns out that in 1978 the United States Senate held a committee on the matter of weather modification. Within this OFFICIAL document they discuss the use of Chemtrails (they don’t use the term “chemtrail” but you will find that they describe the process) for weather modification and it’s harm on people and the environment. Please feel free to read this for yourself if you are a doubter. If you are already aware of this situation, then perhaps using this document will help you wake others to reality.

95th Congress, 2d Session – Weather Modification: Programs, Problems, Policy and Potential

When you want to know more about Chemtrails… Watch this full documentary!

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