VIDEO: Protester shouting ‘DNC Leak!’ ejected from Hillary Rally

DNC Dealing with Shitstorm after Wikileaks releases 20,000 Incriminating Emails

Protester had to be removed from Hillary Rally for shouting “DNCLeaks”

In a preview of what is likely to come in Philadelphia next week, a protester began shouting “DNC leak” during a Hillary Rally in Miami today and was promptly ejected.

Hillary Clinton is incompetent.The protester could be seen attempting to hold up a sign with a hashtag on it but was otherwise unreadable.

As those around him grabbed it out of his hands, he repeatedly shouted, “DNC leak!”

He continued to yell as he was led away. Clinton continued talking.

The man’s protest was in reference in some 20,000 DNC emails being released by Wikileaks.

One such email appeared to show party staffers conspiring to create a narrative in the media that was critical of Clinton rival Bernie Sanders.

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