Psychopath Derrick Dearman Shot & Chopped Up Entire Family

Alabama house of horrors: Man uses ‘multiple instruments’ to kill five people including a pregnant woman in their beds at secluded home where his ex was hiding in ‘worst case cops have ever seen’

  • Five people, including a pregnant, woman were murdered in Citronelle
  • Derrick Dearman, of Mississippi, turned himself in to police after killing
  • Abducted his girlfriend who was trying to escape ‘abusive relationship’ 
  • A local police chief said it was ‘a very, very gruesome scene… It’s awful’ 
  • Neighbors said a brother and sister, and two families, lived in the house


(CNNThe man who police believe killed five adults and an unborn baby in Citronelle, Alabama, will be charged with six counts of murder, the Mobile County district attorney said Sunday.

Derrick Ryan Dearman, 27, turned himself to police in his home state of Mississippi Saturday, hours after he entered the home where his girlfriend was staying with relatives and attacked the people sleeping inside using “firearms and several other weapons,” according to a statement from the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.
A 3-month-old baby of one of the victims survived the attack.
“In… a 20-year career as a prosecutor, I have never seen a scene where there were five people brutally and viciously murdered. That’s what we have here.

Police said they found multiple weapons at the scene, including a gun, and are working to unravel the horrific crime. The FBI is also reportedly assisting with the investigation.

“Given the way the scene looks, we’re going to be here a couple of days. It’s obviously a horrific scene,” Mobile County Sheriff’s Captain Paul Burch said.

One of Derrick Dearman's victims, Joseph Adam Turner (right). Picture: Facebook

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