Public Muslim Prayer: Boston Cops Respond With Machine Guns!

Muslim Prayers In Public Lead To Militarized Police In Boston

Reminder: Obama says, “there is nothing more beautiful at sunset than muslim prayer”. I think the most of America disagrees with that statement.

WORCESTER (CBS) – Local Muslims want the public to know their religion does not condone any violence, and clearly not the horror in Orlando. “This barbaric act has no place in Islam,” said Tahir Ali during a vigil on the steps of Worcester City Hall.

Members of the Islamic Society of Greater Worcester gathered along with other clergy and political leaders for a public service at the end of a difficult week for the Islamic community.

At the MBTA, anti-Muslim graffiti was discovered in a train. In another instance, guards responded with machine guns to a report of a Muslim couple praying on the Orange Line platform in Medford, after a nervous passenger called security.


muslims pray public brooklyn street shut down

Public Prayer A Form Of Civil Warfare?

In March This Year Hundreds Of Muslims Shut Down A Brooklyn Street With Prayer

The real question you need to be asking is not why are Muslims praying, why are the praying on a public sidewalk, shutting the entire street down in the process? Isn’t that what their mosques are for, to assemble in large groups and pray to their god? Why is this being done in large numbers outside?

Muslims Shut Down Streets In L.A. Last Year

Last year, a huge group of Muslims took over another sidewalk out front of a movie theater, making it impossible for anyone to get past or to enter in to any of the stores they were blocking. Also last year, in Los Angeles, hundreds of Muslims simply commandeered the street to ‘pray” to their god as you will see in the video below.

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