Putin Exposes Obama

Vladymire Putin Explains Why The Middle Eastern Crisis Must Stop

Vladymir Putin exposes Obama

In front of the entire world Putin tells all – who armed ISIS, who armed the Syrian rebels, who created the instability in the Middle East. United States media outlets refused to air this footage and instead focused on many other issues, like gun control. It has to make you wonder even more about the “false flag” conspiracies going around the internet, supposedly they are just crisis created to keep you distracted from the real news – LIKE THIS!

Vladymire Putin is really becoming a U.S. icon at this point in time. The people of the world, including Americans, are sick of the bullshit. This type of honesty, whether for political gain or not, is what we need in the world.

Unity will come of this, one way or the other. Political ambitions of one president will not dictate the future of the world. I for one, do not want to go to war with Russia, and they don’t want war with the U.S. as Putin explains. Why, then, does Obama keep pushing for World War 3?

Watch the Speech Putin Awed the World With

It has been long known that the United States armed and trained “terrorists” in the Middle East. Hillary Clinton actually exposed this, if you want a mainstream source…Watch the next video where Hillary Clinton explains why and how the United States created Al-Qaeda. There are many instances of the United States backing “revolutions” when it benefits them. They use the uprisings of locals to overthrow any leaders who don’t bow down to the NWO.

Most of the time, those very “rebels” end up being considered “terrorists” later. The CIA heads up most of these operations. Do some research and share the information you’ve learned here. Think critically and question everything.

Watch The Interview When Hillary Clinton Admits The U.S. Created Al-Qaeda

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