Putin’s Anti-Corruption Purge Continues: Not Even Ministers Are Safe

Several days ago, big news gripped headlines: Russia’s Minister of Economic Development, Aleksey Ulyukaev, was arrested for receiving a bribe in the amount of $2 million. The supposedly unsinkable minister is now confessing enormous evidence to detectives of the Investigative Committee. 
A little later, the news appeared that President Vladimir Putin had received all information on the progress of the investigation of the minister. In other words, Ulyukaev’s appeal to the president will come to naught, as the head of state was informed from the beginning on the course of investigations against corrupt members of the government.
On the same day that Ulyukaev was arrested, the heads of law enforcement agencies and deputies to the governor of the Kemerovo region were also arrested for taking bribes. Today, November 16th, additional news has emerged: the investigation is being carried out not only against now ex-minister Ulyukaev, but also a number of senior officials. This has been reported by the newspaper Vedomosti citing a senior employee in security agencies. 

Source: Putin’s Anti-Corruption Purge continues: Now not even ministers are safe – Fort Russ

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