Chris Christie Says You Don’t Deserve Privacy | Rand Paul Disagrees

Why is the argument between Rand Paul and Chris Christie getting so much attention?



Have you heard of the NSA’s bulk collection spying program? The NSA has been collecting all metadata and browsing history on US Citizens since 2011. Using data like this, Amazon has patented a technology that can predict what you will do before you have decided within approximately 98% accuracy. (Wall Street Journal, 2014) Do you really want people to know that much about you?

There has been a small movement in Congress, led by Rand Paul. That movement has been pushing for your 4th Amendment rights against the corruption in Washington DC. Back in blank Rand Paul filibustered over the USA Freedom Act and the Renewal of the Patriot Act. This filibuster forced the Patriot Act to expire. This was a true victory for all Constitution loving Americans. Did you even know about it?

Maybe you heard about this filibuster but with a different twist? Rand Paul hates America? He wants you to die because of terrorists? As if you cannot catch terrorists by following the Constitution…

The 4th Amendment is what protects your privacy. It’s the reason police need a warrant to search or seize property. Chris Cristie & friends don’t care about that. They want the right to know everything about you. It is necessary to maintain their control. They want to know everything about you, and yet they classify everything they do.

When you go to the polls to vote this time, remember that Rand stood for you. He spoke up for the Constitution and the obvious violations against the American people. Who else that was standing on that stage could say the same? Who else in the GOP can stand up to that? That’s why I #StandWithRand! I stand with Freedom and Integrity. Where do you stand?


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