Real Charity vs. Depraved Charity

By Chris Rossini

Trump’s Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, is going through her confirmation hearing. At one point Senator Bernie Sanders brought up “tuition-free” colleges, one of the many unicorns that live in progressive imaginations. Mrs. DeVos replied to Sanders with a rational statement. She said: “Nothing is ever free—someone has to pay for it.”

In Washington, that’s almost a revolutionary statement. But is it true?

Yes and no.

If government is involved in providing anything to anyone, it is true. It’s never free. The reason being that government is not a producer. It creates nothing.

Every cent that government has, it must first take by force from some person. Government then takes a cut for itself (a very nice cut … politicians live very well you know) and then give whatever is left over to a totally different person.

This is all considered “legal,” which is very strange because if you steal in private life, it’s rightfully frowned

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