Real Jetpack to be used by Dubai Firefighters

Real jetpack to be issued to Dubai firefighters next year

Martin Aircraft, a New Zealand based company, designed the jetpacks to be used by the Dubai firefighters. These jetpacks also will be used for other reasons by the Dubai Civil Defense Department. Anticipation from Dubai police and military are high.

The Director of Operations Department of the Civil Defense, Lt. Colonel Expert, Ali Hassan Almutawa released the following statement: “Dubai is one of the fastest growing future cities in the world. With its modern skyscrapers and vast infrastructure, it has always been a world leader in adapting new technology to improve and save people’s lives. The introduction of Martin Jetpacks into our fleet of emergency response vehicles is another example of how Dubai leads the world.”

Dubai’s police department consistently drives Mercedes SLS AMG, Ferrari FF, a Bugatti Veyron, and Lamborghini Aventador.

Dubai’s emergency department also drives a Lotus Evora and a couple of Ford Mustangs.

Watch the Jetpacks in use. These jetmen are flying next to the Emerites A380 commercial jet, another innovation of Dubai

Take a look at the jetpacks being introduced to the Civil Defense Dpt.

Real Jetpack Firefighter
Real Jetpack Firefighter
Real Jetpack Firefighter

Martin Aircraft is also developing an unmanned version, basically a robotic drone. This will be rolling out in years to come.

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