The Real Strategy Under Attack..But That’s Okay

Twitter Has Been Attacking Our Movement

Twitter has recently suspended our account which may or may not be reinstated. We had a network of about 10 million. Many others have experienced this problem. Facebook has also taken part in major censorship by removing our feeds from our followers timelines. Google has done the same. That’s okay.

One of my first tweets was…”When you start running into enemies your going the right way!”

The information revolution has only just begun. By the end of this era, the people will have power once again. Power over all areas of life. There will be no more dictatorships. There will be no more tyranny. There will be no more censorship.

The future of humanity depends on you! The future of our species depends on you! The future our society embraces – depends on you! There is no responsibility greater than fighting for a better, brighter future. A future where a person is valued for who they are. A future where corporations and governments do not extort the people. A future where your true human value is recognized for how unique and amazing you are. This is the future we are all fighting for.

Power Mongers Will AMPLIFY Their Deviance

It is in the nature of a control system to take more drastic measures as power is lost. The fight for truth and honest journalism has only just begun. The generation of information gate keeping is over. The truth will rule and dominate our planet. There will be nowhere any evil person can hide from those who dedicate their lives to exposing corruption. Accept this fact and you and those you care about will be on the winning team. Nothing is more powerful than the truth.

The current infrastructure of our internet and world relies on large institutions that have consolidated the influence of societies natural dependency on authority. Break away from this and take control of the information you consume. Take control of your life! There are many ways you can do this. Abandon the platforms and institutions that do not encourage growth and honesty. Abandon those who do not support you! If you have become reliant on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google or any other internet mega-platform, disseminate now.

Search for alternatives. Find the individuals who are building alternatives, learn from them and build your own. Expand your mind. Expand your reach. Expand your horizons.

The future is now.

Take Control Over The Information You Consume

Add to your RSS feed. If you don’t have an RSS feed or know what it is, then you have just found something great and new to share and talk about. An RSS feed is a custom feed where you can add all of the websites you love and receive a constant flow of new information all in one place. The best part is, there is no censorship and you control the entire interface. There are many options. I personally use premium. This is not a plug. There are many RSS aggregators available for free and feedly has a free version that is great. I have the premium feature for business purposes.

Here at The Real Strategy we have come a long way and have learned a lot about the tools available to obtain, analyze and spread information. If you have any further questions or would like to learn more about the process contact us and ask. We would be glad to help.

Power to the people.


Always remember to SHARE important information! We can change the world.

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