Recently Jobless Black Actor Calls For “Labor Boycott” On Day Of Debate!

All Black People To Stop Working Day Of First Presidential Debate?

Actor Isaiah Washington has presented the notion of a massive boycott which could possible effect the nation’s economy and beyond.

Washington Was Fired From ‘Greys Anatomy’

Months of speculation over the fate of Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington came to an end Thursday night when’s Michael Ausiello announced his sources had informed him that Washington would not be invited back when the show returns to the air in September.

Calls by Ausiello to Howard Bragman, Washington’s high-powered publicist, confirmed that the actor had received a call on Thursday telling him he was off the show. An ABC publicist further confirmed the network had declined to pick up Washington’s option for his role as Preston Burke, but would not specify a reason the network had done so. An Entertainment Weeklyreporter reached Washington last night at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Hollywood, but the actor refused comment and has yet do so.


Now Isaiah Washington Wants All Black People To Stop Working

Shortly after the police shootings of Keith L. Scott and Terrence Crutcher spread across social media and newswires Tuesday (Sept. 20), Washington posted to Facebook a proposal for African-Americans to keep their money in their wallets and not take part in sports events, government and non-government jobs. “I’m very sure that within 72 hours from Wall Street to the NFL…Black Lives Would Matter. September 26, 2016 is THE DAY,” Washington wrote.

In an interview with The Karen Hunter show, Washington and activist Madelon Blue McCullough explained they were hurt by regulations that support the deadly practices used by police all over the country. The reason behind the Sept. 26 date is a political one–the first presidential debate takes place Monday evening. “My rage turned to policy,” Washington said. “My goal is for everyone to sit at the table and have the demand of deadly force to be addressed immediately. I’m not interested in any more excuses. I want to have this truth and reconciliation conversation now.”



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