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Reddit CEO Just Lost Millions Of Users to, A Better Alternative is the new alternative to Reddit. Reddit has been marked as a no-free-speech zone on the internet forever.


The CEO of Reddit, a site that prides itself on enabling users to “be their true selves” online, is in damage control mode after admitting to using his administrative power to edit comments that were critical of him on a popular pro-Trump forum.

Steve Huffman revealed last week that he edited posts on a forum called “the_donald,” a highly active “subreddit” for supporters of the president-elect. Huffman replaced mentions of his name with the names of the leaders of the pro-Trump forum, essentially re-directing the vitriol he received to target those leaders instead.

“I abused my power to give the bullies a hard time,” he told The Washington Post Friday by phone. Huffman said he thought of the edits as a joke: a way to push back against Reddit users who had been harassing him for months, the paper reported. (CBS)

Twitter Also Deleted The PizzaGate Subreddit, Forcing Thousands More Users to, The Better Alternative is scrambling to handle the immense amount of traffic sent their way. Goodbye Reddit. The internet never forgets.

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