Reddit Just Banned #Pizzagate Covering Up Global Pedophile Ring

Pizzagate has been the latest phenomena on reddit and many other sites online.

Pizzagate was born out of the Podesta emails when some reddit users found childporn references. As the days pass by more and more information is being uncovered. Yesterday Reddit banned the entire subreddit for pizzagate. Users have migrated to

Reddit also banned many users during the crackdown – It is being called a pedophile protection ring of sorts.

“After r/Pizzagate was banned on Reddit, so was my account.

Were you guys banned as well?

PS Pity in a sense, because that was an account with over 15k Karma, so I was seen as more credible.” seems to be a really smooth platform, check it out.

One user on says there was a DOXXING going on. This means some pedophiles were getting outed online and their private information was becoming public, for good reason.

“There was doxxing going on, but AFAIK the mods were deleting it on sight. Isn’t it a coincidence that MSM like NYT and WashPost came out with disinformation articles about Pizzagate on the very same day that the subreddit was banned. Probably it was a corporate decision by reddit in reaction to phone calls or letters from a high-placed lawyer. Whose lawyer? Wish we knew.”

reddit banned pizzagate

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Christopher Kemmett

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