Retired Killer K9 ‘Police Dog’ Mauls Man, Stabbed Repeatedly, K9 Kept…

This dog was wandering the streets. How did this happen? 

A retired police dog wandering loose in an Eastvale neighborhood was euthanized after attacking a 20-year-old man Sunday night, according to the Riverside County Department of Animal Services.

The German shepherd was walking along Ruby Giant Court at about 11 p.m. when, according to an animal control officer’s report, the victim brought the dog a bowl of water.

Officers said the dog drank the water and then placed its front paws on the man’s chest. The dog then attacked the victim, initially taking a bite out of his left bicep area, and dragged him into the street, a press release stated.

In a desperate attempt to save the man, relatives and friends tried punching and kicking the dog. The dog did not back down, and the men grabbed steak knives from inside their home and stabbed the dog until it let go, authorities said.

The victim was then transported to a Corona hospital in unknown condition, authorities said.

Authorities said when the Riverside County Animal Services officer got to the scene, the dog got up and jumped into his truck on the first command.

“That dog must have recognized me in uniform and as someone of authority. He didn’t show any aggression toward me at all,” said officer Will Luna.


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Christopher Kemmett

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