Revenge: Putin To Declassify Secrets


Following Sunday’s ‘Panama Papers’ leak Russian president Vladimir Putin to declassify archival documents set to unearth some of the world’s political cadavers. Signed April 5th Putin added:

“This, as far as I know, according to the information from archive agencies, concerns the period from 1930 to 1989. In these documents there are cases, excuse me, of snitches as well as the innocently repressed, with very interesting names, some documents will surprise society…”

With the curious move to publicize such information on the heels of sunday’s corporate nuclear bomb going off Putin’s motives remain to be seen as well as the contents of the documents. Surely, however, this political ambush beset on Europe by the Russian state is set to further shake up the political and corporate state of the world.


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Christopher Kemmett

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