RNC Openly Rigs Primary Elections – Revolution?

Republican National Committee is now openly rigging selection process against Donald Trump.

RNC Openly Rigs Primary Elections and masses remain silent?

In Colorado, the so called “Super Delagates” have stolen the choice from the very people they claim to represent. Claiming that “No votes are needed” the RNC has given Colorado state’s delegates to Ted Cruz WITHOUT A PRIMARY ELECTION. Are we really going to sit back and let this go down?

If Americans don’t stand up and do something over this, we can think back on this day as the day America really died. This truly disgusts me.

Does the American government really think they can get away with this blatant rigging of our election system? If so, they might have a rude awakening very soon. Expect revolution. Expect blood to flow again like 1776. Expect the Liberty Tree to drink her fill of it.

And before anyone thinks I am making threats, you better read your history books. Your “freedom” didn’t come free.

Many people died for your freedom and liberty. You spit on their graves every time you let something like this transpire. Yes, WE let it happen. Silence is the same as consent.

It’s time for us to get off our asses and do something before it’s too late. Write or call your representatives and tell them that there is real danger in this. Even if you support Ted Cruz, you should NOT support rigged elections and a destruction of our Democratic Republic in front of us all.

If the RNC continues down this road, expect retribution from the ignored masses. This country is BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE and by ignoring what we want they have poked the bear. We can put you in your place U.S. Government, don’t forget that.

We outnumber the corrupt government 1000 to 1. Stop letting shit slide. These dirty criminals can only get away with what WE let them.

If the RNC openly rigs primary elections without repercussion then we have no freedoms or rights.



Trump Erupts as Cruz Sweeps Colorado WITHOUT Votes


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