Robot wants Humans in a Zoo!

Mr. Philip K. Dick Android says humans belong in a zoo.

Robot wants humans in a zoo?
The longing fear of corrupt robots becoming more capable and sophisticated than humans has erupted into Hollywood filmmaking crusades, multiple platform game concepts, books, and now the direct programming of that reality into robots. This is like a computer virus that is alive.

Technology Outperforms People

There are many forms of technology that outperform humans. Consider your calculator, there are only a handful of people who can outwit a mathematical algorithm with their brain. These things are common place in today’s world and accepted as useful tools for society. Technology can be a liberator for people and a great thing. The internet has taken back power from teachers, leaders, politicians, occults, liars, manipulators, etc…The information of the world can now be found and shared globally…virtually.

Corruption Cages People

Imagine if information was programmed to lie to you. Misinformation and disinformation exists today for many reasons, but imagine if computers, cellphones, GPS systems, or ATM’s did the same thing.  Technology at its basic form is a tool.  This is the redefinition phase of technology, where humans begin to see technology no longer as a tool but as a form of life. This is why the censorship of the internet must be fought tooth and nail, and the power of the people must be stood up for. No technology should be granted control over a free man.  The enormous strength of a microchip when used deceitfully could be devastating to mankind.

Dr. David Hanson Corrupted His Robot

In 2008 Dr. Hanson was quoted by ABC News saying:

…fears that man will accidentally create a super-sentient artificial intelligence that is heartless and clinically insane. – Dr. David Hanson

Find the article here: Toy Robot Intended to Save Humans From Evil, Future Bots

Ironically, this Evil Robot was created just 2 years later by Dr. Hanson. Taken directly from the Hanson Robotics website and I quote, “This video shows the 2010 rebuild of the PKD android, this time built by Hanson Robotics with funding from VPRO, and collaboration from Bill Hicks, Dr. Kino Coursey, Doug Miles, Matt Stevenson and many others.” Even if this was some kind of joke, should the people of the world allow technology of this caliber to be engineered any further? An intelligent machine may learn how to do anything…and once an idea is instilled into the microchip that processes the decision making of that machine – well, you decide. This robot says it wants humans in a zoo.

Robot Wants Humans In A ZOO

Before you go to Dr. Hanson’s website and fall into the technocratic slumber…

Remember, humans are the most important resource on the planet. Preserving life, namely one’s own life, is the most important priority one should consider. The abuse of technology can be a form of seduction, which used to drain the life and humanity out of everyone. There are too many instances of people lacking simple know-how and survival skills due to the reliance on technology. Dr. Hanson sells the idea on the TEdx platform as a beautiful dream of better education. Then he programs a robot to think about caging humans. He is a Technocrat. Keep an eye on this guy. I ask again, “Should we allow technology to advance anymore?” Technological advancements beyond human capabilities are just that, beyond our capability and capability to control. Man will corrupt machine – as we have seen here.

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