Robots Will Obliterate America’s Middle Class Jobs

(NaturalNews) In the next generation or so, highly capable robots will obliterate America’s middle class by displacing tens of millions of workers.

We’re already seeing it take shape. Check out this robotic crop production facility that uses robots to produce 30,000 heads of fresh lettuce each day. This is precisely the kind of technology that makes humans obsolete.

As robotic systems become more capable in the coming years, nearly all low-wage labor jobs will be taken over by affordable, reliable robotics systems. Even in a well educated society, employers grow weary of the behavioral traits of human workers (showing up stoned or drunk, stealing from the workplace, harassing other employees, etc.). But now it’s even worse: Thanks to Common Core and the mind-numbing watering down of the entire U.S. public education system, many U.S. employee candidates are too stupid to handle any job that requires real thinking.

Source: Robots will obliterate America’s middle class and unleash mass unemployment, social chaos and global populist revolts –

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