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Rosatom Has Taken Control of the Worlds Uranium Resources

How did Rosatom take control of the worlds uranium?

The story goes like this. Rosatom (Which is controlled by Vladymire Putin and officially named Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation) slowly but surely has been buying smaller companies around the world that either invest in or own uranium ore, mines and research companies. And their biggest venture is nuclear facilities. Rosatom owns the only companies that are building nuclear power plants in today’s developing world.

Recently Rosatom increased its size and net worth. Rosatom purchased Uranium 1, a nuclear company owned by the Canadians.

You can visit the website of Uranium 1 here http://www.uranium1.com/index.php/en/

Immediately at the top of the website you will notice the pride of the Russians. The first paragraph on the homepage reads:

Uranium One Inc. is one of the world’s largest uranium producers with a globally diversified portfolio of assets located in Kazakhstan, the United States, Australia and Tanzania. ROSATOM State Atomic Energy Corporation, through its affiliates, owns 100% of the outstanding common shares of Uranium One.

Who or what is Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation?

You can visit their website here http://www.rosatom.ru/en/.
We will call them “Rosatom”. Over the last 70 years Rosatom has acquired more than 400 nuclear companies. When you read Rosatom, remember that means Russia. “Russia is a world leader in the development of sodium-cooled fast breeder reactors and the only country operating a high-power reactor of this type.” (Rosatom, 2015)

Here is a list of the 34 Nuclear Power Plants in Russian Control

Reactor Type
MWe net,
Balakovo 1-2 V-320 988, 1028 5/86, 1/88 2015, 2017 (being extended)
Balakovo 3-4 V-320 988 4/89, 12/93 2018, 2023
Beloyarsk 3 BN-600 FBR 560 11/81 2025
Bilibino 1-4 LWGR EGP-6 11 4/74-1/77 2019-21
Kalinin 1-2 V-338 950 6/85, 3/87 2025, 2016 (being extended)
Kalinin 3 V-320 988 11/05 2034
Kalinin 4 V-320 950 9/12 2042
Kola 1-2 V-230 432, 411 12/73, 2/75 2018, 2019
Kola 3-4 V-213 411 12/82, 12/84 2026, 2039
Kursk 1-2 RBMK 1020, 971 10/77, 8/79 2021, 2024
Kursk 3 RBMK 971 3/84 2013+
Kursk 4 RBMK 925 2/86 2015+
Leningrad 1 RBMK 925 11/74 2018
Leningrad 2 RBMK 971 2/76 2020
Leningrad 3 RBMK 971 6/80 2024
Leningrad 4 RBMK 925 8/81 2025
Novovoronezh 3-4 V-179 385 6/72, 3/73 2016, 2017
Novovoronezh 5 V-187 950 2/81 2035
Smolensk 1 RBMK 925 9/83 2023
Smolensk 2 RBMK 925 7/85 2030
Smolensk 3 RBMK 925 1/90 2020
Rostov 1 V-320 990 3/01 2030
Rostov 2 V-320 990 10/10 2040
Rostov 3 V-320 1011 (8/2015) 2045
Total: 34 25,264 MWe

Are These Nuclear Facilities Going to Close?

Probably not. Although on paper there are dates set for closing these power plants, Russia is planning on building several more. The media and U.S. government would like you to think the danger of nuclear power is being “dismantled”, but Russia has different and much bigger plans for the nuclear program under Rosatom.

Where is the danger in nuclear technology?

Uranium enrichment. Due to the recent acquisition of Uranium 1 by Rosatom, they are now the global leader in uranium enrichment. That means nuclear weapons. Rosatom currently controls at least 40% of all uranium enrichment processes around the world.
Rosatom - Uranium Enrichment


Kazakhstan is the world leading producer of uranium, as a country. And you guessed it, Rosatom owns nearly every facility in Kazakhstan. 28% of the worlds uranium is enriched through one of the eleven nuclear operations there.

Rosatom published this study boasting how Kazakhstan will be, and is, the global platform for their future endeavors.

Global Uranium Resources

Global Uranium Resources

United States – Australia

There are obviously massive amounts of uranium being underutilized in these two countries. Australia works very closely with the United States on several foreign affair issues. With the current agenda in America being “dismantling”, these resources are not being tapped into. As you can see comparatively to the resources available, from the graph below, the rest of the world is, especially Kazakhstan.
Global Uranium Production

Rosatom is Buying the Australian Uranium Companies

In 2010, Rosatom agreed and tried to buy Mantra Resources for 1.16 billion Australian dollars ($1.15 billion), giving it the Australian-based company’s Tanzanian uranium assets. Rosatom was denied this and Mantra sold to Uranium 1 which was eventually bought through Rosatom’s ARMZ susidiary. ARMZ is one of the 400 companies around the world already acquired. The Uranium One purchase also landed Rosatom more Australian assets. This purchase was halted a few years ago by authorities for the purpose of trying to stop the nuclear monopoly Rosatom is creating. Hillary Clinton on the other hand saw to make a fortune from the company by allowing Rosatom to takeover Uranium 1. See an in depth article about it at the NY Times. NY Times

The basic overview of the 2,000 word NY Times article is this:

The ultimate authority to approve or reject the Russian acquisition rested with the cabinet officials on the foreign investment committee, including Mrs. Clinton — whose husband was collecting millions in donations from people associated with Uranium One.

There is more curious happenings going on in Kazakhstan than just Uranium ore. Keep up with The Real Strategy as we investigate this matter.

# UPDATE! Mystery in Kazakhstan – Social Engineering / Media Lies Exposed






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