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The Sandra Bland Coverup


Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland

Updated August 14, 2015

Was Sandra Bland assassinated for her political activism?

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Sandra Bland was a beautiful woman interested in freedom and equality. Before her death, she had made it her life’s mission to pursue justice. Sandra even went as far as starting her own activism website: SandySpeaks.com. With all the revelations on spying from whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden, some are speculating that the US Government is keeping tabs on everyone and storing their information on a giant database. A database like that would tell them everything about you.

Do you realize that Amazon has patented a technology they claim would give them the ability to ship items BEFORE customers click the send button. They can guess what you are going to do based on profiling data within approximately 98% accuracy.  They know what you’re going to do before YOU DO… If a corporation like Amazon has this kind of technology, just imagine how far the US Government’s PRISM program surpasses it. Government officials have already said that activists, gun owners and veterans are the biggest threat to the system. Why, then, wouldn’t they watch activists and keep track of their movements? Why wouldn’t they silence them?

Recently the a retired U.S. General, Wesley Clark, was quoted saying that all people who disagree with the government should be incarcerated for the “duration of the conflict”.(MSNBC, 2015) There will never be an end to their so called “conflict” because they have never declared an official enemy. The NDAA allows the Government to detain an individual indefinitely without trial for vague reasons such as being “vulgar” or “suspected of being associated with terrorists”. In other words, they want to imprison people without trial based on mere suspicion… Forever!

With officials talking about detaining American Citizens openly in the media, one might wonder what they are up to.

On July 13, 2015 Sandra Bland died in police custody.

Since that day, a maelstrom of attention has been directed at her case. According to police reports she committed suicide by hanging herself in her cell. In an effort to curtail theories about her death, the Mainstream Media has released jail footage of the time of her death. Unfortunately, this video doesn’t actually show anything except the area outside of the cell. Anonymous is claiming that Sandra Bland was murdered by law enforcement officials and it was covered up as a “suicide”.

Deputy Encina has been caught lying about the entire encounter.

How can we trust people who lie to our faces?

dead-mugshot analyzed2There were many inconsistencies in the records for Sandra Bland; seeming to indicate that the records were edited to fit the police narrative.

Sandra Bland’s mugshot also had several indicators pointing to the fact that she was laying on the ground (and possibly dead) when the picture was taken. To discredit these rumors the police have released this video; claiming it proves Sandra Bland was alive for her mugshot. However, if one watches closely they will notice when “Sandra Bland” comes out of the holding cell for her mugshot, her face is blurred for the remainder of the segment. This leads some to question: was that woman who got her mugshot taken in the video really Sandra Bland? Or perhaps it was staged by Police to continue hiding the truth? Judge for yourself.

Sandra Bland's blurred faces
Click to enlarge.

Here is the video MSM claims to “prove” that Sandra Bland was “alive and well”.

There are several other reasons people think the evidence has been altered.

While some may be convinced by this horrible “proof” provided by Law Enforcement Officials, some are not. Take a look at the evidence for yourself.

Dashcam video released to the public was missing large segments & Cellphone video was taken of the incident that contradict what officers claim.

According to their reports Bland was being combative and fighting the officers. Watch this video and see for yourself. Is she struggling or simply crying out in pain?


A Bible was opened after her death to a passage in Psalms, perhaps to allow questioning of her mental health?

bible cell sidebyside


In a handwritten section toward the end of the booking documents, it appears as though whoever filled it out wrote “2015” and then wrote “2014” over it.

“I can tell you that we take issue with the notion that she suffered from depression,” the Bland family’s attorney, Cannon Lambert, told reporters.

Here are the two conflicting sections of the report.

document inconsistent


Police claim to have Sandra hanging from a “plastic bag”. The only plastic bag in the cell is still in the trashcan.


bag still in trashcan

Sandra Bland’s second mugshot photo of her profile is released and photos are darkened and blurred. This seems to be a pattern…


Anyone who has a history of suicide attempts or depression is put under Sight & Sound watch when in jail. This means that they are watched CONSTANTLY in case they try to commit suicide. For some reason, reports state that she had a history of suicide attempts; yet she was never put on suicide watch. There are many inconsistencies that hint at a cover up.

In response to this situation, some Anons formed a new Sec. This Sec is FrightSec. FrightSec claimed to have hacked into the Police Department’s severs and released information on many employees of the Waller County Sheriff’s Department.

In times of such corruption it is good to know that someone is looking for the truth. The American People are no longer accepting everything public officials tell them without proof. America needs this drastic change of its thought process; this massive awakening. All eyes are on Waller County. What will we see? Leave your comments below.


On July 31, 2015 FrightSec has released some data on the Waller County Sheriff Department. View it here.

Full dashcam footage of Sandra Bland’s arrest was released but there were several gaps. The footage was doctored. WCSD has released “glitch free” footage; claiming it wasn’t edited. Here is a side by side of the two videos. If you watch, you will see that Sandra was not given medical treatment.


The “trashbag test” with a heavy duty bag. The bag in Sandra’s cell was the thin clear kind (much weaker than the bag used in this video). More holes in their story.

3rd party video analyzing Sandra Bland jail footage. Some interesting observations in this.


Another Anonymous video analyzing the Sandra Bland coverup was released on July 24, 2015.
A day of rage for Sandra Bland is being held by Anonymous on August 8.


Sandra Bland’s last video released on YouTube.

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