Sandra Bland’s Murderers Go Free – No Justice

Sandra Bland's Murderers Go Free
Justice is blind.

Sandra Bland’s Murderers Will Not Be Held Accountable

Keeping with the pattern we’ve seen in recent weeks, Sandra Bland’s murderers will go free. There will be no justice when police murder people as usual. Sandra Bland was murdered and the crime was covered up by the mainstream media (MSM) and the police. We did an extremely extensive piece that showed a mountain of evidence to suggests Sandra Bland was badly injured by police and refused medical treatment.


The verdict is out. There will be no charges against officers involved in Sandra Bland’s death. It is not really surprising. Our oppressors always get away with everything they do. The Liberty Tree is growing thirstier by the day. Tyranny is not a joke.

According to Associated Press:

“A grand jury decided on Monday that no felony crime was committed by the sheriff’s office or jailers in the treatment of a black woman who died in a Southeast Texas county jail last summer.

But prosecutor Darrell Jordan said the Waller County grand jury reached no decision on whether the trooper who arrested 28-year-old Sandra Bland should face charges. The grand jury will return in January to consider that issue.

The Chicago-area woman was pulled over July 10 by a Texas state trooper for making an improper lane change. Dashcam video showed their interaction quickly became confrontational and she was arrested for assault.

Bland was taken in handcuffs to the county jail in nearby Hempstead, about 50 miles northwest of Houston, and remained there when she couldn’t raise about $500 for bail. She was discovered dead in her jail cell three days later, hanging from a cell partition with a plastic garbage bag used as a ligature around her neck. 

Bland’s relatives, along with supporters fueled by social media postings, questioned a medical examiner’s finding that Bland killed herself.”


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