Sarah Silverman hacked by Anonymous after backing Clinton

Sarah Silverman Hacked by Anonymous for being a Dbag at the DNC

Failed comedian Sarah Silverman was enthusiastically booed at the DNC while giving a speech backing Hillary Clinton. She then told the crowd “you’re being ridiculous” for being upset the nomination was STOLEN from Bernie. Consequently, some Anonymous hacktivists have used her account to reach millions of her fans.

Why was Sarah Silverman Hacked?

Confusion abounded Wednesday morning when comedian Sarah Silverman tweeted an anti-Hillary Clinton message just days after voicing support for the Democratic presidential nominee.

“My Twitter (account) got hacked, this is not me,” Silverman wrote emphatically in a tweet posted 10 minutes after the anti-Clinton message went to her 8.6 million followers.

A tweet sent around 7:50 a.m. from Silverman’s account asked, “America, are you awakening?”

A video posted by Anonymous in 2016 titled “Anonymous – Message to Hillary Clinton,” appeared with the tweet along with the hashtags #Hilary4Prison and #Anonymous.

It was promptly deleted.

Source: Sarah Silverman hacked by Anonymous after backing Hillary Clinton | FOX25

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