Saudi Arabia Accuses U.S. Government Of Blowing Up Twin Towers

The statements were released from Saudi Arabia’s national press organization known as Al-Hayat.

The website is written in Arabic. Here is a link directly to the original article.

I translated the page with google translate tool. Here is the article below.

Paragraph in Red Text is the accusation.

Version: paper – SaudiThursday, April 28 / April 2016 (01: 0 – GMT)

<Who follows American politics finds based on the principle of pre-planning and the theory of future possibilities, they usually put a certain point before the state does not want in that time, but they make that paper found in the archives to come back out again to put pressure on that country, and perhaps due to the diary Bush’s father, which he called memorandums of desert storm find it admitted that the US military would have been able to enter Iraq in the nineties of the last century, but they preferred to maintain Saddam Hussein, then in order to remain a trump card haggling by other Gulf states, but what that began Shiite tide creeps, even America wanted to get rid of him, because he is no longer a trump card, according to their view.

The 11th of September is one of those four papers archived at the American archive, while the rational world and Mdricko fundamental American analysts photos and videos, all of them agree that what happened in the towers was an act of US purely planned and executed from the US inside, with evidence that the explosions were dramatically and continuously Taattaba in the two buildings and the building was expired and he drop it and demolished the building engineers experts manner of the bombing, was no aviation accident only to mark the bombing was not the only reason in that process, but America still receive the charges here and there and this is what we might call the winning archiving.

In the 11th of September to the United States achieved several gains at one time, were not calculated at the White House hawks at the time, and we can enumerate some of those gains in the following:

1 / America created in front of the American public an unknown enemy is terrorism, which has become a peg attached American presidents mistakes him, became the only outlet for each dirty work of US politicians and the military would like to implement it in any country here or there, and terrorism, which stuck with Muslims and Saudi Arabia in particular.

2 / opened America this incident a new era of arms in the world, and now everyone wants to buy weapons of various kinds in order to defend himself, and that is at the same time fighting the unknown called terrorism the enemy, we do not know what, but this terrorism that aimed to America until this moment except that the Muslim and follow him.

3 / has made the American people live between the bitter two options, either to live prosperously and you will be exposed to the risk of death at any time, either SHOULD ONLY ENSURE stones on your stomach and you will be safe, because the Marines will exist even in Mars to protect you.

Today we see those archiving ahead appears clear enough, in which case a court in New York has accused the Iranian regime of being behind the operation, and today we see a draft resolution accuses Saudi Arabia of being behind the operation, while we saw yesterday the former Iraqi regime is who was behind this work, as we have seen al-Qaida and the Taliban from behind that process, we do not know to be in the near future! But we will not be surprised because this is the core of the work of the American civilized archiving of state sponsors of freedoms and democracy.

The nature of America made it can not live without having an enemy, and that’s really what predicted by a book in his book and I remember the name of the book or the author, but the bottom line phrase that «America will reach the stage of fighting the enemy unknown do not know is who is», America has experienced the period of time did not fight where no one has created a war of a different kind, a cold war, which was launched on Hakpti seventies and eighties of the last century, even a cold is bound to be in the US Archive war (hot or rigid or what we call it?).

When the Soviet era ended and we are Muslims who helped religions and fought communism on their behalf and turned to other Muslims because they are the enemy!America felt it necessary to create a new enemy planned and carried out and orchestrated this story that insurance companies have not and will not end until America completed all the effects and consequences that developed into account, and what hurts if I went the gains of the US government, and bore the payment of internal and external damage to both, these dear Arab Muslim American is archiving policy.

* Saudi lawyer.

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