School Allows Students To Perform Mock Trump Assassination

Two Texas students and their teacher were reprimanded after the 10th-graders performed a skit portraying the assassination of President-elect Donald Trump.

One of the boys used a gunfire sound effect from a cellphone while the other student, who was portraying Trump, fell to the ground, according to the San Antonio Express-News.  The skit, titled “The Assassination of Donald Trump,” was performed as a class presentation last week for the students’ English class at John Marshall High School in San Antonio.

The boys’ teacher instructed her students to create and perform a skit following their study of Shakespeare and asked them to submit their scripts for approval, Brian Woods, superintendent for the Northside Independent School District, said in a statement on Friday. [WASHINGTONPOST]

If this had been a mock assassination of Barrack Obama, there would certainly be cries of outrage and racism.

If any students did this with Obama, then the leftist media outlets and liberals everywhere would call the students racist. Even if the kids were black, they would get called racists because Obama is black. Even if the students did this with Obama, and were not racist in anyway in their entire life, they would be labeled as a racist by the inability of the leftists to determine a real racist and their lust to call everyone a bigot. [FREEDOMDAILY]



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