Schools in California Giving Guaranteed C to Everyone

By Lestado Codicus

Welcome to the new America: A nation where people want to be shameless and stupid while being congratulated for it. A School District in California now giving out guaranteed C grade to all students.

guaranteed C grades for everyone!There was a time in the not so distant past when people were held to a set of standards by social norms such as shaming. The fact that it is shameful to let yourself become morbidly obese is now called “fat shaming”. Now we are all supposed to coddle everyone else and hide reality from them. Shaming is a result of nature and the fact that humans were at one point pack animals. If you didn’t fit in with the pack, you would be outcast and left alone. Back then, it would have been a death sentence to be cast out; so people learned to fit in by harmonizing with others as a survival mechanism. This led to civilized behavior and should not be cast aside in favor of going backwards.

Now something that is literally ingrained into our genetics is supposed to be discarded to protect other people’s feelings. Schools in California are actually giving a pass to students who score 21% or higher in their classes! And get this: the same schools also require teachers to give EVERY STUDENT a minimum grade of 50% for all assignments. This means that even if the child does absolutely NOTHING, they will be guaranteed a grade of 50%. According to their new grading system that is a guaranteed C grade

The “Democratic” newspaper from the above mentioned school district wrote about how great it was that everyone would be “inspired to succeed”. Logic would suggest that is the opposite of reality. The inversionists are at it again. Redefining success to mean that you did nothing… That is where we are going.

#Shameless America

South Park’s most recent episode covered this issue perfectly. By removing all shame from society we become SHAMELESS. That is not a good thing. Shame used to be the reason people didn’t do unacceptable things. Now we are supposed to believe that everything is acceptable.

Haven’t you ever wondered why characters in the media have changed so much since the 1950’s? Society’s standards get lower and lower because we are taught over and over that it is okay. It’s almost like we are doing a limbo, where the lower we go the more people think they are winning. Little do they realize that decadence is setting in and this great society we all grew up in is no longer great. We are in a state of perpetual decay and it gets worse every day that people bow down to political correctness and go along with the establishment. People are not all the same. We are not all equals at everything. If you think I’m wrong, go challenge John Jones or Mike Tyson to a fight…. Didn’t think so.

But it isn’t a bad thing that we are different. Everyone has something they are good at that nobody else can do like they can.

One thing that helped make America a great nation was DIVERSITY. The other was our culture and civilized behavior. We embraced our differences and united over our similarities. We inspired others to succeed by being successful. It was awesome! We all THRIVED! America became known as the land of opportunity and everyone wanted to come here. Jobs were everywhere; as was prosperity. We became great because of our differences and alot of HARD WORK. The only reason that was even possible was the fact that we were taught that nothing is free, nothing is given. If you want a good life, you have to create one for yourself. That is one truth “they” don’t want you to know. The establishment wants us all to forget about our potential success and focus on comfort.

Teaching our youth that hard workers should be treated as equals to couch potatoes will be our great downfall. Giving out guaranteed C grades will make sure that is what they are taught. But who is easier to control than a fool?

Watch the thought police tell you not to use the term “hard worker” in the video below.


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