Sharia Law Begins in an American City

Sharia Law Begins in America

By Lestado Codicus | November 29, 2015

Hamtramck, Michigan Becomes First American City with Muslim Majority on City Council. Sharia Law Begins in America.

First thing council does is implement a religious law. Sharia in America begins.

In a once peaceful town, residents are now awakened by loudspeakers telling everyone to pray to Allah at 6:00 AM. This is not a town in the Middle East. This is in Michigan, USA. Sharia Law begins in the USA.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, since the city elected a 4th Muslim to their 6 man council things are immediately changing. The first thing that this newly Islamified city council did was ban businesses within 500 feet of their town’s mosque from getting liquor licenses. They then rezoned property adjacent to the mosque to allow an expansion in the town’s main commercial district.

Many people who live in Hamtramck, Michigan are concerned that these moves will restrict the town’s growth and destroy their economy. They feel that these new laws “could thwart efforts to create an entertainment hub downtown”. Basically these new “laws” are keeping this town in the Stone Age.

When normal city councils encounter the issue of mosques in business zones, they simply say it is not allowed because the property is not zoned for that purpose. Now that Muslims are in control of this local government they are throwing the separation of church & state out the window. Apparently in the USA the only religion that people want kept out of the government is Christianity.

While it may not seem like a big deal, these small steps are ultimately leading to Sharia Law. Next they might decide to ban alcohol in that town altogether. They already wake up the entire town at 6 o’clock every day to tell people to pray to Allah. What’s next? Convert to Islam and pray to the East or be beheaded in the street? Separation of Church & State was created to protect everyone from state sponsored religion. Will the Supreme Court enforce the Constitution of the United States or continue to look away in feigned ignorance?

Sharia Law begins in Michigan. Where will it spread next?

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