Shooters In Fort Myers Had Several Locations On Their Hit List

At Least 3 Locations Under Fire In Fort Myers Last Night

So far 18 people are reported shot and 2 dead.

At least 3 possibly 4 suspects have been detained.

Update: Five people were detained by police, but it’s unclear if any were believed to be a shooter.

One suspect was detained at Club Blu and three others at a different location.

A Fox 4 crew on the scene at the Club Blu Evans Ave. location has confirmed there are at least two dozen evidence markers indicating shell casings on the ground outside of the Club Blu Bar and Grill.  A witness, Syreeta Gary, told our reporter on the scene that it was a teen night event and her daughter had to run from a gunman as he fired shots at her and her friend.  While Gary’s daughter was not shot, she says her friend was shot in the leg as she ran for cover.  Gary says the girl was taken to the hospital, but is expected to be OK.

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Another witness told us a man outside of the club started yelling then opened fire, hitting multiple vehicles.

Fort Myers police say two other scenes are connected with this incident.  One is 2550 Parkway Street where a gunman shot at homes and vehicles.  One person suffered minor injuries at that location.  A witness told our crew that someone in a black Honda SUV was shooting randomly from the vehicle at the homes along the road.  Our crew observed at least thirty shell casings in that area as several law enforcement officers investigated that incident.

The other location is on Ortiz Avenue between Luckett Road and Ballard Road, where three persons of interest have been detained in connection with the incident.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office says Ortiz Avenue is closed between Luckett and Ballard Rd.  But the area has deemed safe and secure.

Source: Fox4

Club Blu put out a statement on Facebook:


The first statement from Club Blu was deleted for obvious reasons.

Below are some public statements put out from “Club Blu”, or whomever is running their Facebook page.

The First Statement…Which Was Deleted

clubblu fort myers statement

The Second Statement…

club blu statement deleted

Details Coming Out Slowly

All of the details surrounding the shootings in Fort Myers last night are coming out slower than usual.

There were several children involved and this is probably why.

Check back for more updates.

We will be publishing who the shooters were as soon as this information is available.

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