Google Hiding Mansions of the Mega Rich from Google Maps… for a Fee

Is Google Hiding Mansions for the Mega Rich?

No, Google doesn’t let you remove yourself from their software.  If you want to stay off of Google Earth, you have to buy one of these devices.


In the United States, the wealthy have taken steps to obscure their opulent villas and extravagant estates from Google Maps, reports the real estate magazine Luxury Listings.

Many owners of expensive real estate have set up special devices that detect signals from GPS systems and immediately block them.

In Hidden Hills, a prestigious suburb of Los Angeles, California, a mansion with six bedrooms is on sale for 6.8 million dollars; however, it is impossible to find it with Google Maps.

According to Luxury Listings, a magazine which showcases homes valued in the millions, the rich hide their properties from online oglers for privacy reasons.

“There were times when millionaires flaunted their wealth, but those days have passed. Today, priorities have shifted, putting security in first place,” said one broker who works with rich clients.

Hiding one’s home from the all-prying eyes of Google Maps may not just be a good idea for the one percent.

Previously, in the city of Rowlett, Texas, employees of the company, which specializes in demolishing buildings, accidentally destroyed a duplex due to a Google Maps misfire. Later, workers demonstrated screenshots from the application with correct addresses and a marker inscription that pointed to the wrong house.

Source: Site Unseen: America’s Oligarchs Mask Multi-Million Dollar Mansions From Google

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