Snoopers’ Charter 2.0: IP Bill Passed by Parliament, Will Become Law Within Weeks

THE INVESTIGATORY POWERS BILL (IP Bill), which has been some 10 years in the making in various forms, has been passed by Parliament.

The so-called Snoopers’ Charter was passed by the House of Lords today following a final debate examining various amendments.

The Bill will therefore become law within weeks, legalising a number of secret service activities that were ruled unlawful only in October.

Jenny Jones, Green Party member of the House of Lords, claimed that Parliament had “given our security services unprecedented powers to spy on us”.

Julian Huppert, the former Liberal Democrat MP who lost his Cambridge seat in the General Election last year, criticised the Conservative and the Labour parties for uniting to push it through.

Source: Snoopers’ Charter 2.0: IP Bill passed by Parliament and will become law within weeks | TheINQUIRER

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