Snow Flakes Riot Across America

The election of Donald Trump to the presidency sparked protests Wednesday across California, drawing crowds to city streets and college campuses.

The demonstrations reflected sadness, anger and bursts of rage. Crowds openly disavowed the president-elect, and a few resorted to vandalism.

At Berkeley High School, about 1,500 students, or half of the entire student body, walked out of class before 9 a.m. in protest of Trump’s victory, Berkeley Unified School District officials said.

Students tweeted “#NotMyPresident,” and pledged to unify. Others chanted, “Si se puede,” or “Yes, we can,” and waved Mexican flags, posts on social media show.

Shortly after Trump delivered a victory speech in New York, an estimated 2,000 people rallied at UCLA when two separate demonstrations merged into one, said UCLA police Sgt. Miguel Banuelos.


Clinton Supporters Also Destroyed Small Businesses…Again

They marched down Telegraph Avenue from Berkeley to downtown Oakland, lit some garbage on fire in the street, smashed a few shop windows, and generally acted out like spoiled children.

Given the eliminationist rhetoric that has been bandied about, further outbreaks of violence can be anticipated.  Hillary Clinton should speak to this, as should President Obama.


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