Solar Panels Banned For Stealing Sunlight.

In Woodland, North Carolina Solar Panels have been Prohibited from being used.

The claim is that the sun’s rays are meant for plants. Also, the environmentalist’s claim solar panels are “preventing” photosynthesis from happening. There is though a possibility this all stems from energy company competition.

Stealing sunlight? With this logic, building homes, roads, schools, etc… would also have to be banned.

Please find these people online and talk to them.

Town Council of Woodland, North Carolina
James Ellis Garris – Mayor
David Cooper – Commissioner
Jean Barnes – Commissioner
Ron Lane – Commissioner
Joe Lassiter – Commissioner

Cecil Harkey (Newly Sworn Commissioner) – Only vote against the solar panel ban. (Thumbs up for effort)

Jean Barnes is quoted saying, “she represented many citizens who rejected any more solar farms coming to the Woodland area” – Also, Jean submitted a petition to the council during the recent meeting on Tuesday, December 8, 2015 when the solar panel ban was passed

Green Energy

The future. Many countries, states, counties, territories, towns and cities are fighting against the eventual evolution of the energy industry. The reasoning for this varies. Is Woodland, NC protecting a local energy company? Perhaps. This is really a war between energy companies and business models.

The council expressed a public distrust of solar panels…? The proposed solar panel farms that brought about this dispute were aimed to be located in extraterritorial sections of Woodland. This means “outside of the city-limits”.

Woodland is a town of about 700 people

Woodland North Carolina

In other words – The proposed development was in rural areas, on the outskirts of town, where land is more available for solar panel development. Citizens argue the solar panels will hurt their community.

Roanoke Electric Cooperative v. Strata Solar

Strata Solar proposed a plan to build a solar farm. Roanoke Electric also offers a solar panel initiative to its individual cooperative members.

The Roanoke Electric Cooperative is a long standing pillar in this part of North Carolina providing electricity to about 15,000 people, and was established in 1938. They are an electricity cooperative that sells nuclear, gas, oil and solar energy. They are part of a larger co-op called Touchstone Energy which was recently acquired by Touchstone Exploration.Learn about them here.

Strata Solar is a solar farming company, and the company who proposed the solar farm that initiated the council meeting that led to this solar panel moratorium. They are a fast growing solar farm company. Learn about them here.

Once you know this, you know the good old boys are still holding office in Woodland, North Carolina. For now, neither company can offer solar panels or build solar panel farms. Looks like the people of Woodland are literally stuck in the woods on this one.


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