Solar Powered Plane Circling Globe Lands In America

From ABC:

A solar-powered airplane has touched down in the Ohio hometown of two of America’s most well-known aviation pioneers on the latest leg of its around-the-world journey.

The Swiss-made Solar Impulse 2 landed late Saturday in Dayton, Ohio, where inventors Wilbur and Orville Wright grew up. The plane took off from Tulsa International Airport before 5 a.m. Saturday. The flight to Dayton International Airport took 17 hours.

The plane will be in Dayton until early next week, the Dayton Daily News reported. A spokeswoman for the plane’s crew said an exact take-off time wouldn’t be known until 24 hours in advance.

The globe-circling voyage began in March 2015 from Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and made stops in Oman, Myanmar, China and Japan.

The plane is expected to make at least one more stop in the United States, in New York, before crossing the Atlantic Ocean to Europe or northern Africa, according to the website documenting the journey.

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Christopher Kemmett

Founder of The Real Strategy and Lowest Priced Advertisements.