#StandWithRand Against the “Federal” Reserve

By Lestado Codicus

October 25, 2015

Rand Paul is standing up to the “Federal” Reserve; defending YOUR rights. Dr. Paul supports the American Dream every day. But do you support him? Do you #StandWithRand?

If you’re one of our readers then odds are good that you already know about the scam that is called money and the rigging of our economy through Fractional Reserve Banking. You should also know that the “Federal” Reserve is a privately owned business that is NOT part of the Government. If you don’t know these things already I suggest reading this article before proceeding:

Money- The Biggest Con Job in History

Now I will present a simple question for you…

#StandWithRand - Rand Paul for President!Why would you support ANY Presidential Candidate that is not EXPLICITLY against the “Federal” Reserve? To my knowledge, there is only one Candidate that is pushing against the Rothschild banking monopoly in America. His name is Rand Paul.


As usual, Rand Paul is the only Candidate on BOTH SIDES of the Eagle who is ACTUALLY standing up for our freedoms and liberties against the “elite” class.

America’s so called “Federal” Reserve is moving to block any growth of the private Marijuana industry and suppress the re-emergence of small businesses. The “elites” hate to see anyone make something of themselves.

The completely non “Federal” Reserve Bank is now refusing to accept credit unions from Colorado because of the laws recently passed allowing recreational use of Marijuana. They have also repeatedly blocked the use of banks by any marijuana connected businesses; claiming that because it is illegal Federally, they want nothing to do with it. Truth is, they hate the prospect that people can actually be successful and not work menial jobs that make the wealthy more rich.

In direct opposition to the “Federal” Reserve’s actions, Rand Paul is introducing legislature that will allow Marijuana based businesses to use banks. He stands for you on a regular basis. So why don’t you #StandWithRand?

It seems like you might have forgotten about Dr. Paul. Perhaps because you are so enamored with the people on your television that you are blinded to reality? Ted Cruz does not oppose the “Federal” Reserve and his wife is actually VICE PRESIDENT for Goldman Sachs. She is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR); a group that violates international law by meeting and setting INTERNATIONAL policy in complete secrecy. Ted Cruz is quite literally married to the establishment.

Perhaps you are now a Trump supporter? Have you actually heard the man ever offer a suggestion on how to fix things? Or has he just made a bunch of empty promises like Obama did before he was elected? I am not interested in rhetoric and promises. Actions speak louder than any words you will ever utter and Trump’s actions speak for themselves. Nobody changes COMPLETELY overnight.

On the other hand, maybe you’re a Bernie Sanders supporter? Do you know anything about Socialism at all? Nazis were also known as the “National Socialist Party”… “Communist” Russia was actually called the USSR; which stood for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. You’ve been told that Socialism and Communism are different. That is a lie created by altering language and used to fool you into supporting the very same system that Soviet Russia & Hitler followed.

I am not telling you who to support. I am simply telling you what you should think about before deciding. And before you make a decision based on Rand Paul’s “foreign policy” you need to realize that our forefathers agreed with him. According to them, getting involved in conflicts that do not directly involve us is neither our responsibility nor right. Think of one example where a U.S. invasion of another nation has actually helped anyone (other than Bush and his Big Oil buddies) and I will concede my argument.

If your favorite Candidate does not have any intentions of abolishing the “Federal” Reserve’s choke-hold over America, then they are probably just another puppet dancing in front of the curtain of Oz.




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