Stanford Professor designs robotic humaniod Diver with articulated Hands

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Stanford University professor has come up with a robotic humanoid diver having articulated hands designed to work as an underwater avatar. It will explore water the way a human would do while its driver will stay out of the water safely at the surface.

Measuring nearly five feet long, the robot used artificial intelligence and a haptic feedback system for allowing its controller to feel whatever stuff the robot holds. The front part of the submersible looks like a human, but the back part has batteries, computers, and thrusters.

Known as OceanOne, the machine has been designed by Oussama Khatib, Stanford computer science professor who has been researching on autonomous robots.

 In footage demonstrating the abilities of the robot, wherein it is seen manipulating objects such as a red basket, Khatib said, “OceanOne is aimed at bringing a new capability for underwater exploration.

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