State Department Inspector General Confirms: Hillary Stole $6 BILLION While Secretary of State

Back when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she was in charge of some finances at the State Department. Now that is a big deal and it should be taken very seriously. Not many people can say that they have handled that type of money before.

Considering that we’re talking about billions and billions of dollars, it’s not something that should be taken lightly. But since this is Clinton we are talking about, it’s safe to say that something went wrong. That seems to be the case whenever we discuss something with Clinton.

What a surprise, Clinton messed something up! She LOST $6 BILLION while at the State Department. That is absolutely disturbing to think about! It’s one thing to drop a dollar and lose it, but $6 billion? That is flat out ridiculous!

And it has drawn the attention of Donald Trump and other Republicans. During the debate last night, Trump called her out on it. “When you ran the State Department, $6 billion was missing. How do you miss $6 billion? Six billion dollars was either stolen, they don’t know. It’s gone.”

Clinton attempted to reply to that. “Well, first of all, what he just said about the State Department is not only untrue, it’s been debunked numerous times.” Raise your hand if you have heard this one before; Clinton LIED.


Full Story: State Department Inspector General Confirms It, Hillary Stole 6 BILLION While Secretary | EndingFed News Network

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